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 Season Finale: Kennedy Ably Wins Atlanta Billiard Event / Dustin Byrd wins Semi-Pro Amateur Event
Tommy Kennedy
After the dust cleared, Tommy “TK” Kennedy went undefeated at his own tour’s June 14-15 stop, hosted by Mr. Cues 2 billiards parlor in Atlanta, GA. The J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour brought in 42 entrants to this $2,000-added event in which Kennedy came back from a defeat by Jonathan Pinegar to take the title.
Positioned among the final four on the winners’ side, Kennedy sent Clint McCullough to the one-loss side, as Jesse Middlebrooks was doing likewise to Henry Cofer. In the hot seat match that followed, Kennedy moved out to a slim 3-1 lead that he never relinquished, in spite of attempts by Middlebrooks to catch up. Middlebrooks got within a game twice, but at 7-6 Kennedy took command, winning the next two.
On the one-loss side, Pinegar was working his way back to the finals through Ed Roldan, John “Stoney” Stone, and Cofer, which brought him to a quarterfinal match against Steve Moore. Moore had, for the second time in the tournament, defeated Kim Davenport, and then Clint McCullough to get to Pinegar. In a hill-hill match, Moore looked to be in the driver’s seat until, in the deciding game, he missed a shot at an open 4 ball, which ultimately cost him the match, sending Pinegar into the semifinals against Middlebrooks. Pinegar dispatched Middlebrooks 9-5 and turned to face Kennedy.
In the opening set, the two struggled back and forth to a 7-7 tie, with Pinegar reaching the hill first. With an opportunity to force a hill-hill game, Kennedy missed an easy shot on the 6-ball. Pinegar capitalized and it was on to the second set. Kennedy wasted little time and jumped out to a 6-0 lead that, combined with what he called “a couple of decent rolls” and a few untimely scratches by Pinegar, led to a second-set, championship 9-3 victory for Kennedy.
- by Skip Maloney - Inside Pool
InsidePoolMag .com
Amateur- Semi Pro Event
Mr.Cues 2 Atlanta,GA.
June 15th. One Day! $500.00 Added!
Dustin Byrd played strongly to win a tough amateur, semi pro event.
We want to thank everyone for their support.
Dustin Byrd def. Denny Singletary 7-5 Finals
Hot Seat: Denny Singletary def. Jeff Hooks 5-4
Semi final match: Dustin Byrd def. Jeff Hooks 4-2
Quarter final match: Dustin Byrs def. Billy Tyler 4-3
44 players
Complete Payouts:
Season Finale
1st: Tommy Kennedy
2nd: Jonathan Pinegar
3rd: Jesse Middlebrooks
4th: Steve Moore
5th/6th: Clint McCullough
Henry Cofer
7th/8th: Kim Davenport
John Stone
9th-12th: Jason Richko
Tim Kearns
Ed Roldan
Jim Jennings
Semi-Pro Amateur
1st: Dustin Byrd $500.00
2nd: Denny Singletary $400.00
3rd:.Jeff Hooks $250.00
4th: Billy Tyler $130.00
5/6th: John Huffman $100.00
Floyd Reasons $100.00
7/8th: Jeff Tabet $50.00
BR Tatum $50.00
 Stop #18: Nevel Works for Title of Marietta Open Champion
Larry Nevel
The Marietta Open held May 24th-25th at Side Pocket Cue Club & Grill in Marietta, Georgia was the latest stop for the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour. The event offered a $1000 added open event that started Saturday, and a $500 amateur second chance tournament on Sunday only.
The Southeast Open 9-Ball tour saw by far the toughest field they have seen in the nine year history of existence. Included in the thirty-eight player field were top players such as Johnny Archer, Larry Nevel, Tommy Kennedy, and Stevie Moore.
But, as has been the story recently on the regional tour circuit, Larry Nevel provided a dominant performance to the on-lookers at Side Pocket in Marietta, Ga. Although Nevel did not hold the winners side hot-seat (Stevie Moore defeated Jesse Middlebrooks 9-0 to attain that honor), he worked his way past Jason Richko in the quarter-finals 9-6, and Jessie Middlebrooks 9-5 in the semis to reach the final arena and Stevie Moore.
While Nevel was playing Richko in the quarters, another highlight was taking place, Johnny Archer provided a show of his own and ran a total of seven racks and out against Craig Houghton to make his way into the money, but unfortunately ended his trek in a respectable 5th/6th position alongside good company in Tour Director Tommy Kennedy.
In the finals, Moore and Nevel provided an entertaining battle as the racks flew back and forth until the scoreboard read 9-8, Nevel had taken the first set. The second set looked almost identical as Nevel pushed past Moore on the hill once again for the title 9-8.
On Sunday, the amateur second chance event took off without a hitch. A total field of thirty players made their way to the playing arena and ultimately, the name Bryant Walker made its way into the winners side hot-seat chair - Walker defeated Jeff Tabes 5-3 for that honor. Then, he awaited his finals opponent, Jeff Hooks. Hooks slid past Denny Singletary 4-3 in the quarters, then Jeff Tabet in the semis 4-2 before running into Walker. But, Walker stopped him in his tracks in the finals with a 7-1 victory.
In addition to the top two men of the weekend, honorary mentions go out to highest lady finisher in the main event, Dana Aft ($50); highest senior B.R.Tatum ($50); and highest junior Jared Stephens ($25). A local non-profit charity in Marietta also received $35.
This last regular event of the season has finally led up to the 2007/2008 season finale to take place next weekend (June 14th-15th) at Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, Georgia with a $2500 total guaranteed added tournament ($2000 added open; $500 added amateur/second chance tourney Sunday only).
The tour would like to thank all of the players and fans that came out for this event, and a big thank you to Richard Sweet and Wood McClure for hosting the stop.
FIle photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe
Complete Payouts:
1st: Larry Nevel $705.00
2nd: Steve Moore $425.00
3rd: Jesse Middlebrooks $325.00
4th: Jason Richko $225.00
5th/6th: Tommy Kennedy $150.00, Johnny Archer $150.00
7th/8th JR Rossman $75.00, Ron Park $75.00
May 25,08 Amateur/Semi Pro Second Chance Event
field 30 players paid 6 spots $500.00 Added!
1st: Bryant Walker $430.00
2nd: Jeff Hooks $330.00
3rd: Jeff Tabet $230.00
4th: Denny Singletary $150.00
5th/6th: BR.Tatum $70.00, John Hofman $70.00
 Stop #17: Grossman Sneaks Past Kennedy For Gainesville Open Victory
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour hosted the Gainesville Open the weekend of May 10th-11th at Art of Billiards in Gainesville, Florida, capping off stop number seventeen of the 2007/2008 season. This $1000 added event was played on nine foot Diamonds with 860 blue Simonis. The venue offered up a full kitchen and bar with “fantastic hamburgers”, just in case you are ever in the area and would like a quick bite to eat.
The highest female competitor this go-round was Dana Rogers. Rogers scored a $50 top prize for that distinction, followed by Mikie Watson who received $25 and the title of highest junior finisher; with Ken Tucker taking $50 for top senior. The tour also provided a $55 donation to one of the local non-profit charities.
With a total field of forty-four players, the field drew to a close on Sunday evening with such names as Neil Fugiwara, Jason Richko, Tommy Kennedy, and David Grossman rounding out the field. The winners side hot seat match pitted Grossman against Kennedy, with Kennedy falling by a final score of 9-4.
On the one-loss side the field, it came down to Chris Walls and Bobby Moore in the quarter-finals. Although the set was a tight one, Walls pulled off the win on the hill – final 9-8. This pushed Walls into the semis against a determined Kennedy. The semi-final set was also a nail biter, but Kennedy prevailed 9-8 to move on into the finals against Grossman.
Grossman had his hands full with Kennedy in the finals. Being the event was a true double elimination final, Kennedy had to pull off a double-dip to secure the stop win. The first set went to the hill with Kennedy having the upper hand, 9-8. In the second match, it was anyone’s game as the score continued to mirror the initial set between the two, but in the end Grossman pulled off the victory and took the title of Gainesville Open Champion 9-8.
The tour wishes to express gratitude to Tom Potter for all of the long hours and deep commitment in helping this event to be a success – the tour looks forward to returning to this location during its 2008/2009 season.
The 2007/2008 season is slowing come to a close with only one more stop before the finale. The next event will take place May 24th-25th at Side Pocket Cue Club & Grill in Mariette, Georgia with a $1500 total guaranteed added stop ($1000 added open; $500 added amateur/second chance tourny Sunday only).
The 2007/2008 Season Finale will take place at Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of June 14th-15th with a $2500 total guaranteed added tournament ($2000 added open; $500 added amateur/second chance tourny Sunday only).
Complete Payouts:
1st David Grossman $700.00
2nd Tommy kennedy $500.00
3rd Chris Walls $400.00
4th Bobby Moore $300.00
5th Jason Richko $200.00
6th Neil Fugiwara $200.00
7th Bob Livrago $100.00
8th Danny Wascom $100.00
9th Walter Blacker $50.00
10th Steve Foster $50.00
11th Adam Crawford. $50.00
12th John T Dykes $50.00
 Stop #16: Scotty Townsend Beats the Odds at Pockets Billiards
Stop number sixteen of The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour took place at Pockets Billiards in Dothan, Alabama, on February 23-24, 2008, with a total field of thirty-four players. The event appropriately titled The Pechauer Alabama Open was yet another $1000 added event brought to you by the tour (and its sponsors) and has become an annual event for Mr. Ready and his staff at Pockets. The tour would like to thank them for being such wonderful supporters of the game.
The top honors outside of the final few players this past weekend included wins by highest lady finisher, Marcia Manuel ($50); highest senior finisher, Bo Nelson ($50); and top junior placing went to Mike Townsend ($50). Congratulations to all for these fine finishes.
Rounding out the tournament, Tommy Kennedy and Stoney Stone marched into the hot-seat match ready to battle, but Kennedy pulled ahead and took the set 9-3. While Kennedy waited in the final arena, Scotty Townsend was running through opponents repeatedly playing strong against the top notch players of the south. His experience and high gear assisted him in his efforts to pull off his wins starting with besting Mike Shimelman in the quarters 9-5, moving on to send Stoney Stone home 9-6, and in the finals, he forced Tommy Kennedy to play two sets to determine the champ. In the end, it was Townsend over Kennedy 9-5, 9-7.
Special thanks to Tayna Barlow for assisting with the tournament this weekend.
Complete Payouts:
1st Scotty Townsend $745.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $425.00
3rd pStoney Stone $325.00
4th Mark Shimelman $225.00
5th Jarred Stephens $125.00
5th Clay Medlock $125.00
7th Greg Strickland $75.00
7th JR Rossman $75.00
 Stop #15: Deuel Takes Hold of The Pechauer Cape Coral Open
Corey Deuel
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour brought its fifteenth stop of the season and twenty-nine players to Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, Florida, the weekend of February 16th and 17th. This $1000 added event entitled The Pechauer Cape Coral Open was played on nine-foot Diamond Tables and 860 Simonis cloth.
The top finisher of the weekend was none other than the “Prince of Pool”, Corey Deuel. Deuel provided the spectators with incredible play throughout the tournament. Although he had an early loss in the event, he managed to make his way through the one-loss side and ultimately into the quarter-finals against Justin Hall. Hall ended his weekend with a loss to Deuel and a score of 7-2, sending Deuel up against Mario Cruz in the semi-finals.
Cruz’ first loss came when he was bested in the hot-seat match against Louis Altes 7-5. Cruz then gave Deuel a whirl for the win and kept the race tight, but succumbed at 7-5 to make way for Deuel to advance into the finals. Once reaching the finals, there was no stopping Deuel as he pushed past Louis Altes 7-0, 7-4 to take home the win.
Although Deuel took first place honors, he was not the only winner at this event. In addition, the highest lady finisher was Gale Martin ($25); highest senior Frank Strain ($50); and highest junior player ended in a split between Brock Pyper and Andrew Cruz ($25 each). One of the local non-profit charities in Cape Coral also received a $30 donation from the tour.
The next stop for the tour will be The J. Pechauer Alabama Open at Pockets Billiards in Dothan, Alabama, this weekend (February 23-24, 2008). For more information on this and other tour specifics, visit their website at www.southeastopen.com
Complete Payouts:
1st Corey Deuel $700.00
2nd Louis Altes $440.00
3rd Mario Cruz $325.00
4th Justin Hall $225.00
5th Troy Frank $150.00
6th Glen Olson $150.00
 Stop #14: Benny Conway on Roll at Skeeter’s Billiards
The weekend of January 26-27, 2008, J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour and Skeeter’s Billiards in Gulfport, Mississippi, hosted the $1500 added Pechauer Mississippi Open. The event brought out thirty-two participants and was played on nine foot Diamond and Kim Steel pool tables.
The fourteenth stop of the season turned out to be quite special for Benny Conway, Jr. a.k.a. Little Goose. Conway stated prior to the event while chatting with Tour Director Tommy Kennedy that he had not been playing for a while. If that is the case, we can expect to see Conway quite a bit more in the near future as he made sure he was a known gun at this event. He was on a roll the entire weekend.
On Sunday when the field had dwindled down, he strolled into the quarter-finals and stopped Tommy Kennedy with a final score of 9-7. After Ron Park was defeated by Tim Orange in the hot seat match (9-6), Conway was then to face Park in the semis. The semi-finals was again a tight race in its entirety, but “Little Goose” Conway managed to best Park 9-7.
The finals pitted undefeated Tim Orange against Conway in a true double elimination setting. Conway, being the victor of the one-loss side, had to get past Orange twice in order to secure the win. The first set ended with Conway on top 9-6 which forced a second. Orange was unable to hold of Conway as he pushed himself to victory with a final score of 9-4.
In addition to a great finish for Conway and Orange, the highest woman in the event was Annie Mitchell – she received $25 for her efforts; and highest senior was awarded to Billy Towery ($50). A local non-profit charity in Gulfport, Mississippi received a $40 donation as well.
The tour wishes to thank Skeeters Billiards (including Colleen and Beverly) for hosting an event this season as well as for their help and hospitality (and the guys in the kitchen for cooking up awesome cheeseburgers). In addition, thanks go out to the spectators and players for attending; Mike Matsie for helping with the tournament duties; Art Tripp for his support and advice; Tom for all of his help an encouragement at the event; David Adams of Byron, Georgia for his sponsorship and appearance (he is a real trooper); and special appreciation to Ricky and Andy for their generosity in adding an extra $500 to the tournament prize fund.
The next tour stop will be held at Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, Florida, February 16-17, 2008. This will be a $1000 added event. For additional information on this tour, visit their website at www.southeastopen.com/index.asp
Complete Payouts:
1st Benny Conway Jr. $800.00
2nd Tim Orange $500.00
3rd Ron Park $425.00
4th Tommy Kennedy $325.00
5th Greg Hagin $225.00
6th Joey Aguzin $225.00
7th Mike Trawick $100.00
8th Luc DePierne $100.00
 Stop #13: Dorsett and Jordon Split for J. Pechauer Bar Table Cherry Blossom Open Win
Tour stop #13, The J. Pechauer Bar Table Cherry Blossom Open, was hosted by the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour and The Hole Thang in Macon, Georgia on December 15, 2007. The $1000 added event was played on seven foot bar tables and offered up plenty of great smoked ribs. The room owner and staff definitely rolled out the southern hospitality for the players and spectators, not to mention that this billiard room has become well known for its tournament action straight in the heart of Georgia.
The name of the tournament came from the city’s alias as the “Cherry Blossom Capital of the World”. The city is both rich in cultural heritage and maintains a strong vision for the future. In addition, it offers the amenities of a small friendly city with the advantages of a growing city. The tour was able to make a donation to one of its local non-profit charities in the amount of $35 to assist their vision.
With a total of twenty-seven players making their way into The Hole Thang, a few players stood out in the end. For the highest woman finish, Kristen Malone took home $25, while highest junior, Jarred Stephens did the same ($25 prize) and highest senior, Ed Peacock, took $50 for his efforts.
This one-day event took the field down to the final four, but the competition to get to this point was fierce. For the hot seat match, the spectators saw local favorites Chuck Dorsett and Randy Jordon run into each other in this race to seven with Dorsett coming out on top 7-4, sealing his spot in the final round.
On the one-loss side, J.R. Rossman and Jessie Middlebrook kept it interesting with a double-hill match and ultimately Rossman taking the victory 7-6. This allowed Rossman to move forward into the semi-finals only to then end his tournament in third place against Randy Jordon 7-4. Although Jordon had to best Dorsett twice in the final match, both men, Jordon and Dorsett, decided to split first and second prize money and share title honors.
The tour would like to extend a special thank you to David Adams and Mike Matsie for their loving support and personal involvement of the tour. The next $1000 added (minimum) event will be held after the new year begins on January 26-27, 2008, at Skeeter’s Billiards in Gulfport, MS - this event will determine The Mississippi Open II champion.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - December 18, 2007
Complete Payouts:
1st Chuck Dorsett $570.00
2nd Randy Jordon $570.00
3rd JR Rossman $340.00
4th Jesse Middlebrook $240.00
5th Brian Tyler $150.00
5th Wesley Barnes $150.00
 Stop #12: Nathan Rose Takes The Spotlight At The J. Pechauer Stuart Open
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour hosted The Stuart Open this past weekend, December 8th and 9th, at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. This $500 added stop was the twelfth of the 2007-2008 season and pulled in a thirty-nine competitor field.
During the weekend, the venue had a couple of special guests. On hand during this event was Jorge Torres of propoolvideo.com filming portions of the event for future viewing and Amy's Billiards mascot “Asia" (the poodle) was also in attendance – Asia was at the venue demonstrating great sportsmanship and No Barking rules!
During day one of this two-day event, the highest lady finisher was decided – Michelle Monk received $25 for her efforts. Along with Monk, recognition went to highest junior Mike Mallen $25, and long time local favorite Morris Dugger received highest senior honors and $50. Additional funds totaling $45 were provided to a local non-profit charity in Stuart.
Day two brought back plenty of tough competitors, but eventually the field went down to the final four. Included in the elite group and matched up against each other were Chip Klein and Hunter Lombardo in the quarter finals. Klein pulled himself ahead of Lombardo and ended up taking the set 9-6 to move forward into the semi-finals round. While Klein was working through Lombardo, the hot seat match on the winner’s side of the bracket was underway with Nathan Rose and Richard Broumpton dueling it out. With a final score of 9-8, Rose held off Broumpton and sent him to the one-loss side to match-up against awaiting Chip Klein. Broumpton continued his momentum with a quick win over Klein of 9-1, moving into the finals.
The finals saw hot seat winner Nathan Rose pitted against Richard Broumpton yet again in a true double elimination match. The first set saw Broumpton trump Rose 9-5, forcing a second set. In the second set, Rose ensured he would be the last man standing with a brisk jump on the hill and a final score of 9-2.
The tour wishes to send out special gratitude and thanks to Amy's Billiards for its support and for hosting an event this season; Jorge Torres of propoolvideo.com for his involvement; and to Andrea Meglino for her fantastic tournament assistance this weekend.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - December 10, 2007
Complete Payouts:
1st Nathan Rose $600.00
2nd Richard Broumpton $425.00
3rd Chip Klein $325.00
4th Hunter Lombardo $225.00
5th Curtis Kelly $130.00
5th Anthony Meglino $130.00
7th Mark Coats $75.00
7th Tommy Kennedy $75.00
 Stop #11: Jeff Abernathy Strikes at The Pechauer Queen City 8-Ball Open
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour held a one day event at Morey’s Billiards in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 24, 2007 entitled The Pechauer Queen City 8-Ball Open. This $500 added event brought in forty-five competitors to the eleventh stop of the tour’s season. Included in the field were such names as Mike Davis, Tommy Kennedy and Jeff Abernathy.
The road to the finals included Jeff Abernathy besting Rob Krull 4-2 for the hot seat, which left Abernathy undefeated and awaiting an opponent. As Abernathy rested, Mike Davis was eliminated by Jim Jennings in the quarterfinals by a score of 3-1. This set-up the semi-finals between Krull and Jennings, with Krull coming out on top 3-2. Krull then had a chance at a rematch with Abernathy, but as close as he was, Krull had to settle for second place as the final score was 4-3.
In addition to great play by these gentlemen, the highest lady finisher honors went to Christi Causey along with a $30 payout for her efforts. Great shooting Christi!
Thanks go out to Morey’s Billiards’ management and staff for supporting the tour and for hosting this wonderful stop. The next scheduled event ($500 added) will be The Pechauer Stuart Open at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida the weekend of December 8-9, 2007. If you would like additional information on the tour, please visit http://www.southeastopen.com/
 - by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Jeff Abernethy $440.00
2nd Rob Krull $210.00
3rd Jim Jennings $170.00
4th Mike Davis $130.00
5th Tommy Kennedy $80.00
5th Brian Davis $80.00
7th Jeff Bumgarner $60.00
7th Jack Bock $60.00
9th Ray Floyd $40.00
9th Allen Green $40.00
9th Steve Horne $40.00
9th Paul Mullins $40.00
 Stop #10: Song Proves He Can Win!
$1200.00 Added by Mr.Cues Billiards of Atlanta, GA.
Mr.Cues, hosted the Pechauer "Sweet" Atlanta Open
Drew strong top notch players, field of 34
Paul Song consistently on the Improve.
Landed Song 1st Place win in this event.
Day one of this event showed highest Senior
and highest lady finisher not in the money received
$ 50.00 each
Senior Larry Hates
Lady Amy Chen
Local non-profit charity of Altanta,GA. received $35.00
Finals: Paul Song (9) / Tommy Kennedy (6)
Semi: Tommy Kennedy (9) / Clay Medlock (0)
Hot Seat Paul Song (9) / Clay Medlock (5)
Quarter loss : Tommy Kennedy (9) / JR.Rossman (4)
Complete Payouts:
1st Paul Song $800.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $500.00
3rd Clay Medlock $380.00
4th JR Roddman $280.00
5th Craig Houghton $180.00
6th Chris Bartram $180.00
7th Henry Cofer $80.00
8th Floyd Reasons $80.00
 Stop #9: Jim Sandler Prevails at J. Pechauer East Coast Open
The J. Pechauer East Coast Open took place at Cunningham’s Pool & Darts in Vero Beach, Florida the weekend of September 29-30, 2007. The $1000 added ninth stop of the tour season brought in a twenty-nine player field.
As always, after fantastic play on Saturday, the Sunday matches were intense. The quarter-finals pitted Mark Coats against Tommy Kennedy – Coats managed to skim past Kennedy 9-8; the hot seat saw Jim Sandler edge out Mike Mallen 9-8; and the semi-finals declared Mike Mallen as victor over Mark Coats 9-5. Mallen matched up with Sandler in the finals, but only to narrowly miss the opportunity to take home the tournament win as Sandler pushed past Mallen 9-8.
Some additional noteworthy finishes over the weekend included a split of $50 for highest lady finisher between Michelle Monk and Cee Jay; highest junior Mike Mallen $25; and highest senior Charlie Buckwold $50. The tour also donated $30 to a local non-profit charity in Vero Beach.
In addition, they would like to thank Cunningham's Pool & Darts for hosting an event this season and look forward to returning next season and thank the players and fans for their participation and continued support.
 - by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Jim Sandler $745.00
2nd Mike Mallen $400.00
3rd Mark Coats $300.00
4th Tommy Kennedy $200.00
5th Tony O'Donnell $150.00
6th Craig Rogers $150.00
 Stop #8: Donnie Mills Takes Third Season Win on J. Pechauer SE Open Tour
Twenty-three players stopped in to Capone’s Billiards in Springhill, Florida the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd to play in the $1000 added eighth stop of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour. Some of the players being noticed off the bat were Tim Hall, Scotty Townsend, Tommy Kennedy, Tony Crosby, Donnie Mills, and WPBA player Tracie Hines.
The first round of the tournament on Saturday seemed to set the tone for the weekend with a feature match-up between tour director, Tommy Kennedy and two-time tour season winner, Donnie Mills. Mills would come out victorious against Kennedy and continued to work his way through the brackets throughout the day. It was apparent as the day winded down, that Mills was there to stay as the winner’s side of the bracket had dwindled down to Donnie Mills v. Scotty Townsend, and Tony Crosby v. Dave Ross, and the one-loss side held such names as Tommy Kennedy and Tracie Hines all hanging on for their chance at the finals.
On Sunday, Donnie Mills continued his relentless reign with a close win over Scotty Townsend 9-7, while Tony Crosby defeated Dave Ross 9-5. On the one-loss side, after having a great event, Tracie Hines ended her tournament run against Scotty Townsend with a score of 9-4, at the same time as Tommy Kennedy’s 9-4 defeat over Dave Ross.
The hot-seat match ended up being quite a see-saw set for Crosby and Mills, however, Mills was able to outdo Crosby with a 9-6 win. The quarter-finals were uneventful as Kennedy handed a quick loss to Townsend of 9-3, setting up a semi-final match between himself and Crosby. The set was quite competitive and ended with a very close margin - Crosby was able to walk out of that contest with a score of 9-7.
The final match of the tournament was a true double elimination set between Donnie Mills and Tony Crosby. Mills jumped out very early on Crosby and continued until he eventually captured the set ending the tournament with a final score win over Crosby of 9-5.
In addition to this great tournament finish, additional honors went out to the highest lady finisher Sis Tavner ($25) and highest senior finisher Bo Nelson ($50). Also, $30 was provided to a local non-profit charity in Springhill.
Thanks to the management and staff at Capone’s for hosting the event and to all of the spectators for their attendance. For additional information on the tour, please see www.southeastopen.com The ninth tour stop of the season will be held at Cunningham’s Pool & Darts in Vero Beach, Florida the weekend of September 29th and 30th – this is a $1000 added tournament.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - July 17, 2007
Complete Payouts:
1st Donnie Mills $635.00
2nd Tony Crosby $500.00
3rd Tommy Kennedy $300.00
4th Scotty Townsend $200.00
5th Tracie Hines $100.00
5th David Ross $100.00
 Stop #7: Louis Ulrich Seizes The Savannah Open
Louis Ulrich
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour’s Savannah Open took place over the weekend of September 15th and 16th at the Southside Billiard Club in Savannah, Georgia. This was the seventh tour stop of the season and a $2500 added event that kept the crowds coming through the doors throughout the course of the event.
Not only was the location beautiful, but the food/drinks, and pro-shop were great. There were a total of sixty-nine players that made the trek to the tournament including many highly recognizable players which added a competitive spirit to the event and made it quite enjoyable for all in attendance. In the group of top picks were Louis Ulrich, Tommy Kennedy, B.J. Ussery, Stevie Moore, Mike Davis, and the list goes on - all in all the level of talent present was fantastic.
On Sunday, the continuation of matches heated up immediately with the day ending with such match-ups as Tommy Kennedy defeating Mike Davis 9-7 in the quarter-finals; the hot-seat match was a clash between Louis Ulrich and B.J. Ussery, which ended with a score of 9-6 and a win for Ulrich. The semis featured Tommy Kennedy defeating B.J. Ussery 9-4, and ultimately set-up a finals match between Louis Ulrich and Tommy Kennedy. In the end, Ulrich was able to maintain control of the match and ended Tommy Kennedy’s tournament life with a final score of 9-5.
In addition to the final sixteen players that received prize money, several finishers outside of that list received recognition as well for their achievements at the event, including, highest junior finisher, Thomas Graham, he took home $25.00; Tracy Abbott, captured highest lady finisher and $50.00; and highest senior ended in a split between Sam Staats and Jim Jennings for $50.00. One of the local charities also received a donation - $80.00 was provided to the Humane Society.
Special thanks to Southside Billiard Club for hosting the event and to Tom Potter for his role in assisting the tournament director.
- by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - September 18, 2007
Complete Payouts:
1st Louis Ulrich $1,400.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $800.00
3rd Bill Ussery $600.00
4th Mike Davis $500.00
5th Stevie Moore $300.00
5th Mike Clay $300.00
7th Rafael Martinez $200.00
7th Butch Croft $200.00
9th David Grossman $120.00
9th Ron Park $120.00
9th Chad Stokes $120.00
9th Brian White $120.00
13th Mark Coats $70.00
13th Neil Fujiwara $70.00
13th David Crocker $70.00
13th Mike Newsome $70.00
 Stop #6: Josh Lewis Wins Daytona Open
The sixth stop of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour hosted The Daytona Open the weekend of August 25th at Uncle Waldo’s Billiards in Daytona Beach, Florida as a $500 added event.
Although the field was smaller than usual with eleven players making their way to Uncle Waldo’s, the competition was strong and the total purse of $950 was paid out to four places, with the highest senior finisher receiving $25 – this ultimately ended in a split between Sam Staats and Red Sale. An additional $15 was provided to a local non-profit charity, Hospice of Daytona Beach.
The hot-seat match pitted Josh Lewis against John Gerekis. Gerekis was unable to hold off Stevens and was sent to the one-loss side with a score of 9-5. The one-loss side had a battle of its own happening between Tommy Kennedy and Mark Coats. In the end, it was Kennedy that would move on by defeating Coats with a score of 9-6 to play Gerekis in the semi-finals. The semi-finals did not prove to be as tough of a match as Kennedy ran over Gerekis with a final score of 9-2. However, the finals would demonstrate a different match ending for Kennedy as Stevens not only cruised through the winner's bracket, but had a great conclusion to the event with a win over Kennedy.
Special thanks go out to Dave Sapolis for his help and support.
- by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - August 27, 2007
Josh Lewis and Tommy Kennedy
photo taken by David Sapolis
Complete Payouts:
1st. Josh Lewis $400.00
2nd. Tom Kennedy $250.00
3rd. John Gerekis $175.00
4th. Mark Coats $125.00
 Stop #5: Tommy Kennedy Takes The Mississippi Open
Tommy Kennedy
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour held its fifth stop of the season the weekend of August 18th and 19th at Skeeters Billiards in Gulfport, Mississippi. This was a $1000 added event entitled The J. Pechauer Mississippi Open, which drew a strong playing field of fifty-one competitors.
The devastation of last year’s hurricane Katrina is but a memory – showing that she could blow them down, but could not keep them down. The entire area is filled with dedication to fast recovery and building back bigger and better than they once were prior to the storm.
During the tournament, Skeeters was open twenty-four hours. The room provided nine-foot Diamond tables. On Saturday, the race was to seven on both sides, but Sunday the races went to nine, with a true double elimination finals format.
Some of the highlights for the weekend were as follows: day one of this two day event awarded highest senior, Mike Trawick, $50.00; highest junior finisher, Daniel McKenney, received $25.00; and highest female finisher was $50 and was split between Bettina Yurkos, Beth Edicicco, and Mara Whitfield.
On day two, the money matches showed Tommy Kennedy defeating Dale Sellers in the quarters one-loss side 9-2; the hot seat match pitted Davis Walters against Jay Bird, with Walters winning 9-6; the semi-finals were between Tommy Kennedy and Jay Bird, Bird lost 9-6; and the finals reflected Kennedy taking out Walters 9-5, 9-4 for the event win.
There were a total of twelve places paid out for this event and a total purse of $2825.00. In addition, a local non-profit charity of Gulfport, Mississippi received $45.00 for their cause.-
- by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - August 22, 2007
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $825.00
2nd David Walters $500.00
3rd Jay Bird $400.00
4th Dale Sellers $300.00
5th/6th Jim Pace, Jason Evans $200.00 each
7th/8th Jim Sterling, Morty Davis $100.00
9th/12th Cecil Doss, Patrick Boykin, Ben Furlan, Luc Depierne $50.00 each
 Stop #4: Donnie Mills Dominates at Capone's Billiards
Tour stop number four of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour was held at Capone's Billiards in Springhill, Florida, which hosted the J. Pechauer Hernando County Open this weekend as a $1000.00 added event. The event had a determined field of twenty-eight players, but it was Donnie Mills that dominated to take the first place distinction.
In the quarter finals, Tony Crosby progressed past Luc DePierne with a score of 9-4; the hot seat match consisted of Donnie Mills getting the best of Rich Orem (9-5); setting the semi-finals match between Rich Orem and Tony Crosby, where Rich ended up coming out on top 9-6. This ultimately solidified a re-match between Rich Orem and Donnie Mills in the finals, only to have Donnie end the match and the tournament with a win of 9-5.
In addition to the top eight finishers, the event paid the highest placed woman, Molly Oliver; seniors, Sam Staats and Dave Ross (split); and junior player Taz Naravane $50.00 for their efforts, and donated directly to the community with a contribution of $30.00 to a local non-profit charity in Hernando County.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - July 17, 2007
Complete Payouts:
28 players Paid out 8 places
Purse : $2020.00
1st Donnie Mills $700.00
2nd Rich Orem $400.00
3rd Tony Crosby $300.00
4th Luc DePierne $200.00
5th Josh Lewis $130.00
6th Jason Richko $130.00
7th Bryan Davalos $80.00
8th Bob Livrago $80.00
Finals: Donnie Mills (9) / Rich Orem (5)
Semi : Rich Orem (9) / Tony Crosby (6)
Hot seat: Donnie Mills (9) / Rich Orem (5)
Quarter loss : Tony Crosby (9) / Luc DePierne (4)
Highest lady , senior and junior finisher received $50.00 each
Lady: Molly Oliver, Seniors Sam Staats / Dave Ross (split)
Junior: Taz Naravane
Local non-profit charity of Hernando County received $30.00
 Stop #3: White Shouts "Victory" at the J. Pechauer Stanly County Open
The third stop of the 2007/2008 J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour was held on June 30th in Albemarle, North Carolina at 52 North Sports Bar & Billiards and was a $1,000 added event.
The J. Pechauer Stanly County Open event was quite a success for Brian White, who quickly found his way climbing to the top of the chart. Although the field was small, the players were well-seasoned participants. Brian's matches with Gene Cooper and Scott Lewis showed that he was here to win. He defeated Gene Cooper in the quarter finals on the one-loss side 9-0, while Scott Lewis was playing Ron Park for the hot seat. Scott won this match with a final score of 9-8.
The semi-finals pitted Brian White against Ron Park and with a final score of 9-4, Brian found himself in the finals against Scott Lewis. Since this was a true double elimination event, Scott Lewis had to be beaten twice for the win, which is exactly what Brian did with scores posted of 9-0 for both matches.
Congratulations to Brian White for a great tournament.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - July 02, 2007
Finals: 1st. match, Brian White ( 9) / Scott Lewis( 0)
2nd match: Brian White (9) / Scott Lewis( 0)
Semi: Brian White (9) / Ron Park (4)
Hot Seat: Scott Lewis (9) / Ron Park (8)
Quarter loss side: Brian White (9) / Gene Cooper (0)
Prize Fund : $1400.00 field of 10
Brian White
Complete Payouts:
1st Brian White $ 700.00
2nd Scott Lewis $400.00
3rd Ron Park $200.00
4th Gene Cooper $100.00
 Stop #2: Donny Mills wins at Hammer Heads
Rich Orem and Donny Mills
The SE Open 9-Ball Tour held their second stop of the season at Hammer Heads Billiards in Holiday, Fl with a field of 38 players.
The winners side came down to Donnie Mills and Jason Richko with Mills coming out on top 9-6.
On the one loss side, Richko dropped a 9-5 match to Rich Orem sending Orem to the true double elimination finals against Mills.
Orem scored a convincing 9-5 win in the first set of the finals and looked on the way to a repeat performance in the second set as he led 8-3 until Mills won game twelve to pull back to 8-4. From there, Mills broke and ran the last five racks for a 9-8 victory and first place.
Mills earned $670 for first, while Orem settled for $450. Top female finisher Simone Hospedales, top junior finisher Matt Menes and top senior finisher Charlie Buckwold all earned $50 in bonus money.
 - by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - June 25, 2007
Lady: Simone Hospedales
Junior: Matt Menes
Senior: Charlie Buckwold
The local non-profit charity of Holiday, Fl. received $40.00
Day two Sunday the money matches quarter loss side:
Rich Orem (9) / Tony Crosby (7)
Hot seat;
Donny Mills (9) / Jason Richko (6)
Semi Finals;
Rich Orem (9) / Jason Richko (5)
First match
Rich Orem (9) / Donny Mills (5)
Second final match
Donny Mills (9) / Rich Orem (8)
Donny Mills was trailing the match 8-3 .
He won the next game to make it 8-4 ,
and then proceeded to run the next 5 racks for
the Amazing Victory!
Prize fund: $2195.00
Field of 38
Paid out 8 places
Complete Payouts:
1st Donny Mills $670.00
2nd Rich Orem $450.00
3rd Jason Richko $375.00
4th Tony Crosby $300.00
5th Dave Ross $150.00
6th Prescott Buckwold $150.00
7th Butch Croft $50.00
8th Bobby Livrago $50.00
 Stop #1: White Won Morey's
Brian White scored a win on the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Open 9-Ball Tour, taking first place over Jeff Abernathy. This one-day event was hosted by Morey’s Billiards in Charlotte, NC, May 12 and brought out a field of 25 players.
White first met Abernathy in the winners’-side finals, where he dispatched him with a 7-5 win. Meeting Abernathy in the semifinals was Tommy Kennedy, fresh off a 5-0 whitewashing over Jason Fowler. Abernathy sent Kennedy home with third place after a close 5-3 match and went on to the finals, where his rematch with White went hill-hill before White sealed the deal.
- by InsidePool staff
Morey's Billiards Charlotte, NC.
Added $500.00
Field of 25 - paid out 6 places - total purse $980.00
Complete Payouts:
1st Brian White $375.00
2nd Jeff Abernathy $250.00
3rd Tommy Kennedy $175.00
4th Jason Fowler $100.00
5th Eddie Little $40.00
6th Kyle Helms $40.00
Highest lady received $50.00 Katie Cowen
Finals, Brian White 7 / Jeff Abernathy 6 score 7-6
{True Double Elimination loser must beat winner twice}
Semi Final - Jeff Abernathy 5 / Tommy Kennedy 3 score 5-3
Hot Seat - Brian White 7 / Jeff Abernathy 5 score 7-5
Quarter Final - Tommy Kennedy 5 / Jason score 5-0
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