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 Stop #16: Tschudi takes J. Pechauer Season Championship
Six-time Swiss champion Marco Tschudi won his first major US event with an undefeated weekend on the J. Pechauer Southeast 9-Ball tour on August 1-2. The $2,000-added event featured a host of marquee matchups, including Corey Deuel battling Steve Moore, Mike Davis and Tony Crosby, as well as Donnie Mills versus Manny Chau, Richie Richeson, and Crosby. The field of 35 entrants was hosted by Capone’s Billiards in Springhill, FL.
Tschudi was joined by Moore, Crosby and Jerry Calderon among the winners’ side final four. Calderon sent Moore west 9-7, as Tschudi was doing likewise by the same score to Tony Crosby, who would return to face him in the finals. Tschudi gained the hot seat with a second straight 9-7 score, this one over Calderon.
Deuel and Mills were awaiting Moore and Crosby on the one-loss side. Deuel had dropped Davis into the tie for 9th and then defeated Rodney Morris 9-7 to face Moore.
Mills sent Chau to join Davis in the tie for 9th place and then got by Richeson 9-6 to square off against Crosby. In one of the more highly anticipated matches of the weekend, Deuel and Moore battled for the right to advance to the quarterfinals, with Deuel prevailing 9-7. Crosby dropped Mills into the tie for 5th place 9-5 and joined Deuel in the quarterfinal match. In yet another anticipated matchup, Deuel and Crosby battled to double hill before Deuel succumbed and Crosby moved to the semifinals against Calderon.
Crosby got the opportunity to avenge his earlier defeat at the hands of Tschudi with a 9-6 win over Calderon. Tschudi took an early 3-0 lead in the finals that followed and by the 11th rack was up by four, 7-3. Crosby fought back to tie it, however, and the two traded racks to tie it again at 9-9. Crosby reached the hill first, but Tschudi battled back to take the 20th game of the match and then broke and ran to complete his undefeated weekend run through the field.
by Skip Maloney - AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Marco Tschudi $1,400.00
2nd Tony Crosby $1,100.00
3rd Jerry Calderon $700.00
4th Corey Deuel $520.00
5th Stevie Moore $300.00
5th Donnie Mills $300.00
7th Rodney Morris $200.00
7th Richie Richeson $200.00
Player of the year T.F.Whittington
Sportsmanship award Bill Dunsmoore
Most improved player of the year Walter Blacker
 Stop #15: Wahlsman wins in Columbus
Arlo Wahlsman chalked up his first 2009 major tournament win with an undefeated weekend at the J. Pechauer Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour stop on the weekend of June 6-7.
The $1,000-added event drew 53 entrants to Players Billiards in Columbus, GA.
Wahlsman met his eventual finals opponent, Dewayne Logan, for the first time among the winners’ side final four. In their first meeting, Wahlsman prevailed 7-5 to get into the hot seat match, as Jeff Jordan was sending Frog west 7-5 to join him. Wahlsman gained the hot seat with a 7-4 win that sent Jordan west for a possible matchup against his older brother, Randy.
Randy had worked his way back through the left bracket, and once into the money rounds, opened his three-match trek to the quarterfinals with a shutout of Matt Bulfin. He struggled, but prevailed in a hill-hill battle versus Clay Medlock to meet Frog. Shane Winters, in the meantime, defeated Daryl Gable 5-1 and Ricky Childs 5-2, for the right to meet Logan. Randy Jordan dropped Frog into the tie for fifth place 5-1, as Logan did likewise to Winters 5-3.
As the younger Jordan, Jeff, was competing versus Wahlsman in the hot seat match, the elder Jordan, Randy, was meeting Logan in the quarterfinals. With a hill-hill victory over Randy Jordan, Logan turned to face brother Jeff Jordan in the semifinals. A 5-3 victory in those semifinals gave Logan a second chance at Wahlsman. Wahlsman closed it out with a 9-7 win to capture the first place prize.
by Skip Maloney - AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Arlo Wahlsman $700.00
2nd Dewayne Logan $400.00
3rd Jeff Jordan $300.00
4th Randy Jordon $200.00
5th Shane Winters $120.00
5th Frog $120.00
7th Clay Medlock $65.00
7th Ricky Childs $65.00
9th Matt Bulfin $45.00
9th Craig Houghton $45.00
9th Morty Davis $45.00
9th e Daryl Gable $45.00
 Stop #14: Kennedy gets by Moore twice to take stop #14
Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy combined a commanding performance in the hot seat match with a closely contested final match – both against Trevor Moore - to win his own J. Pechauer Southeast 9-Ball Tour stop on the weekend of May 9-10. Hosted by the Art of Billiards in Gainesville, FL, the $1000-added event drew 38 entrants.
“Great room,” said Kennedy, shortly after posting his first win on his tour this year. “(Room owners) Art and Dana Rogers are really great hosts.”
Kennedy began his final three matches with a 9-3 win over Randy Simpson that put him in the hot seat match for his first meet with Moore. Moore, in the meantime, had sent Bobby Garza west 9-6. Kennedy sent Moore to the semifinals with a commanding 9-1 performance that left him in the hot seat.
On the one-loss side, Ron Park and Tony Crosby were waiting for Simpson and Garza, respectively; Park having dropped Matt Bauries into the tie for seventh place 9-5, as Crosby got by Don Kreischer 9-7. Park advanced to the quarterfinals with a 9-3 win over Simpson and Crosby joined him with a 9-1 win over Garza. Crosby then dropped Park into fourth place and got himself into a tough semifinal battle against Moore. The two battled to a 7-7 tie, before Moore took advantage to reach the hill first and then break and run for a second chance at Kennedy.
Kennedy and Moore found themselves entangled in an equally tough battle in the early going of the final match; a race to 11. Kennedy got out in front by a couple of racks and reached the hill ahead by three. Moore continued to battle, winning the 18th game, but it was his last.
“(Moore) broke that last rack, but really didn’t have much to work with,” said Kennedy. “I finally got a good chance and made a great run.”
Kennedy closed it out at 11-8 and after acknowledging the work of his assistant tour director, Tom Potter, took home the first place prize.
- by Skip Maloney - AzB Staff - 2009-5-10
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $800.00
2nd Trevor Moore $500.00
3rd Tony Crosby $400.00
4th Ron Park $285.00
5th Bobby Garza $175.00
5th Randy Simpson $175.00
7th Matt Bauries $75.00
7th Don Kreischer $75.00
 Stop #13: Stevie Moore back in the winner's circle at stop #13
Complete Payouts:
Paradise Billiard Club
Charlotte, NC.28273
1st. Steve Moore 600.00
2nd. Ronny Park 300.00
3rd. Mike Davis 200.00
4th. Jeff Abernathy 100.00
5th. Katie Cowan 50.00 Plus 25.00 Bonus Highest Lady Finisher
6th. Dusty Norris 50.00
 Stop #12: Bobby Livrago takes stop #12
Complete Payouts:
Hammer Heads Billiards
Holiday, FL. 34690
1st. Bobby Livrago 450.00
2nd. Richie Richeson 300.00
3rd. Joe Scarborough 150.00
4th. Justin Hall 100.00
 Stop #11: Lombardo and Bauries Bring Home the Honors
Hunter Lombardo and Matt Bauries won the open and amateur events, respectively, of the J. Pechauer Southeast 9-Ball Tour stop the weekend of February 28-March 1. The $1,000-added open event attracted 27 entrants to Cunningham’s Pool & Darts in Vero Beach, FL, while the concurrent $500-added amateur event drew 31 entrants.
From among the winners’ side final four in the open event, Lombardo started the last leg of his undefeated weekend with a shut-out victory over Tony O’Donnell that put him into the hot seat match versus Rich Johnson. Johnson had just sent tour director Tommy Kennedy west with a 9-6 win and then followed him over when Lombardo gained the hot seat 9-1.
Adam Wheeler and Jim Sandaler were waiting on the one-loss side for O’Donnell and Kennedy. Kennedy survived a hill-hill battle against Wheeler, as Sandaler got by O’Donnell slightly easier at 9-7. Kennedy must have had enough of close calls because he proceeded to oust Sandaler 9-1 in the quarterfinals and shut out Johnson to meet Lombardo in the finals.
Kennedy ended up winning twice as many games as either of Lombardo’s previous two opponents, but Lombardo took an early 3-0 lead that he never relinquished. The two traded games through the middle of the match, but Lombardo reached the hill having widened his lead by a fourth game and then closed it out at 11-6.
In the amateur event, which finished late Sunday night, Matt Bauries defeated Jeff Mabry in the finals 7-4. Trevor Moore finished third and Prescott Buckwold ended up in fourth place.
by Skip Maloney - InsidePoolMag.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Hunter Lombardo $740
2nd Tommy Kennedy $450
3rd Rich Johnson $350
4th Jim Sandaler $250
5th Adam Wheeler $150
Tony O’Donnell
7th Ed Cabrera
Shanna Lewis
9th Prescott Buckwold
Mel Lowe
Rick Knight
Bill Morrison
Results (amateur/semi pro event):
1st Matt Bauries $465
2nd Jeff Mabry $325
3rd Trevor Moore $225
4th Prescott Buckwold $125
5th Rich Johnson $75
Mel Lowe
7th Tony O’Donnell $50
Todd Anderson
9th Charlie Buckwold
Jay Zinc
Randy Furbush
Fuzzy Tompson
Highest Senior finisher received $ 50 Larry Charbonnet
Highest Lady finisher recieved $ 25 Shirley Jacobsen
Highest Junior finisher received $ 25 Shane Yurku s(Also active Military)
Local non-profit charity of Mississippi received $ 25.00
 Stop #10: John Schmidt Rolls Over The Pechauer Open
John Schmidt
It was that time of year again for Pockets in Dothan, Al. Tommy Kennedy and the Pechauer Tour brought a field of a little over 30 players on the 21st & 22nd of February. John Schmidt, Tommy Kennedy, Stoney Stone, Scotty Townsend, Josh Hillard and Matt Bulfin just to name a few.
As the brackets drew out it was Scotty and Schmidt in the top portion with Stoney, Kennedy, Hillard and Bulfin all in the bottom. The way Scotty has been playing and John in pure punch it was inevitable. They faced each other after only a few matches and John was more than prepared.
Playing flawless and giving Scotty no real opportunity at the table. John cruised to a 7-0 victory and waited for his next opponent, T.F. Whittington.
On the other half it would be a long road for any player looking to meet up with T.F. or John. It saw Kennedy defeating Hillard by a score of 7-5 and Bulfin passing by Stoney Stone at an unknown score. This left Bulfin and Kennedy, John and T.F. fighting out the winners side.
Speeding through some matches and moving in on day two, It saw an extended race to 9 for both sides with everyone in the money. First matches of the day for the losers side saw Scotty defeat Kevin Duffy 9-3 and Stoney steam roll Hillard 9-2. Winners side featured Schmidt passing by T.F. and Bulfin handing Tommy his first loss 9-8 after being down 8-6.
Matt Bulfin who appeared to be in high gear attempted to take Schmidt down for the hot seat. Just as it looked like he might do it, John came through with a break and run to take down the set 9-7. Matt now in the losers side would have a long wait for his next opponent and a chance to get back at Schmidt. But could he stay in stroke during his wait would be the question.
The losers side began the next round of matches. With an unknown score, T.F. would fall to Stoney while Scotty knocked off Tommy Kennedy 9-2, leaving a very talented final four players. It was unclear who would end up challenging Schmidt in the final race to 11. Only time would tell.
The next match featured a great sight for all watching. Stoney Stone and Scotty Townsend. This match would turn out similar to the hot seat match. A grinder with Scotty breaking 8-7. Unfortunately for Stoney, Scotty would break perfect and complete the out to give Stoney a 4th place finish.
Matt now finally with a chance to come off of the bench and play again would have to deal with Scotty, a man on a mission. But had his gear been iced from the long wait. I think not as he played very well and took down the set by a score of 9-6 after a great break but an unlucky scratch on Scotty's part.
The long awaited final match to 11 had arrived. Matt Bulfin and John "Mr. 400" Schmidt. Who would it be? Could Matt pull of another great match, or would Schmidt show why he's a former US Open winner.
It started out looking like it might be a close one, But Schmidt was in no mood for a second place finish. John would go on to play some flawless pool, Giving Matt very little opportunity and earning the win by a score of 11-6.
Congratulations to John for the win and Matt for the excellent play over the weekend.
1st John Schmidt $770.00
2nd Matt Bulfin $450.00
3rd Scotty Townsend $350.00
4th Stoney Stone $250.00
5th TF Whittington $160.00
5th Tommy Kennedy $160.00
7th Josh Hillard $100.00
7th Kevin Duffy $100.00
- by By Josh Hillard - AzB Staff - 2009-02-24
Complete Payouts:
 In Memory of June Murphy, wife to Papa Doug Murphy
This is to all of the pool fans that know Papa (Doug Murphy) and his lovely wife June Murphy. Just recently June has passed away and Papa has been left alone. For those of you who knew her, knew that she was a fine woman and very dear to the heart of Doug. It is a very sad occasion and we want to do whatever we can to ease the pain just a little for Doug. On February 17th, from 7-10 Pm, Johnny Archer and Tommy Kennedy are doing a benefit Pool Exhibition at Murphy's Brass Rail in Winder Ga. to try and raise money to help Doug with the funeral expenses to bury his wife. Johnny and Tommy will do all they can to help Doug out as much as possible and we hope the fans and players will come out and support this very special event.
Here is the contact info:
Murphy's Brass Rail
243-A North Broad Street
Winder, Georgia 30680
Contact - Doug(Papa) Murphy
Please try to be there to help encourage Doug in his future without his blessed wife June. Thank you everyone, Yours in Christ, Tommy Kennedy.
 Stop #9: Black Marks on Kennedy in Mississippi
Mike Black must have left a scrape or two on Tour Director Tommy Kennedy when he squeaked past him 11-10 to win the Open Division of the SE Pechauer tour at Skeeter's Billiards in Gulfport. This tour, now long sponsored by popular cue maker Jerry Pechauer, brought two different divisions to Gulfport and a handsome field turned out to make for a fine weekend. The Open division found eventual winner Black in the hot seat with Kennedy and Bill Dunsmore contesting the honor to face him in the finals. Kennedy got the nod in that match 9-4 and then went on to meet his cruel fate as already described.
In the amateur division 30 players vied for the win. In the quarter-final match Jason Moran was sending out a warning signal to all when he blasted Josh Charbonnet 4-2. On the winners table Kevin Duffy had sent up some warnings of his own by grabbing the hot seat with a 5-2 trouncing of Glen Kelly. Kelly's day was not going to improve as he lost again in the semi's to Moran 4-3 and went home in third. This brought us to the match between the previously undefeated Kevin Duffy and the long-roader Jason Moran. Well, Moran's arm was still warm and loose and it carried Moran to the win 7-5 over Duffy.
Tour Director Tommy Kennedy wishes to give a big shout out to Jerry Pechauer, to Skeeter's Billiards and their staff and to 'Little Tom" for running the chart. The tour will return to Skeeter's in August for another stop.
by AzB Staff - 2009-2-2 AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Mike Black $700
2nd Tommy Kennedy $420
3rd Bill Dunsmore $325
4th Kevin Duffy $225
5th/6th Jaybird/Morty Davis $100
Results (amateur/semi pro event):
1st Jason Moran $505
2nd Kevin Duffy $325
3rd Glenn Kelly $225
4th Josh Charbonnet $125
5th/6th Stacy Toomer, David Walters $70
Highest Senior finisher received $ 50 Larry Charbonnet
Highest Lady finisher recieved $ 25 Shirley Jacobsen
Highest Junior finisher received $ 25 Shane Yurku s(Also active Military)
Local non-profit charity of Mississippi received $ 25.00
 Stop #8: Larry Price and Jeff Tabet Best Fields at The J. Pechauer Atlanta Open
The J. Pechauer Atlanta Open presented by the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour was held over the weekend of December 13th-14th at Mr. Cues in Atlanta, Georgia with a $1000 added open main event Saturday and a $500 added amateur/semi-pro second chance tourney Sunday only.
Although the turnout was lighter than anticipated, the competitive force at the venue was strong. Included in the player’s roster last weekend were names such as Cliff Joyner, Jesse Middlebrooks, Tommy Kennedy, and the list goes on. But, on this day, Larry Price was to claw his way to the top of the pack.
Price took control of the hot-seat match with a convincing triumph over Tour Director Tommy Kennedy 7-2, while Kennedy went to the left side of the board to await his next competitive match. That individual would be Clint McCallough as he was able to get by well-known Cliff Joyner in the quarters on the hill 7-6 to see Kennedy in his sights. Once in the semis, McCallough wasted little time to get going against Kennedy – he maintained his focus throughout and eventually overtook Kennedy 7-5 to reach the finals. The finals ended with Larry Price getting the better of McCallough though in a very close finish of 9-7.
Special notes from the main event include highest woman finisher – split $25 between Dana Aft and Kristen Malone; top senior, T.F. Whittington and Wayne Thompson split $50; highest junior, Jamie Cline took home $25; and a local non-profit charity in Atlanta received $30.
In addition to the main event, the second chance division was played on Sunday. With a total purse of $1250, the end result found Jeff Tabet taking home the top prize of $500. Tabet secured the hot seat away from Duane Bourgeois 5-4 and then bested Bourgeois again in the finals 7-3. Bourgeois was pitted against David Shadden in the semis in which he overcame his opponent 4-2 to move ahead.
The tour is very thankful to Richard and Susan Sweet for hosting yet another very successful event; to Dave Biggers and Amber Lollar for assistance with running the event; and to all of its sponsors, which can be found at www.southeastopen.com/sponsors.asp.
The J. Pechauer Mississippi Open at Skeeter's Billiards in Gulfport, Mississippi, will be the next stop for the tour after the holidays (January 24-25, 2009). This event will be a $1000 added open (Saturday/Sunday) and a $500 added amateur/semi pro event held Sunday only.
by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-12-22 AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event, purse $1680):
1st Larry Price $680
2nd Clint McCallough $500
3rd Tommy Kennedy $300
4th Cliff Joyner $200
5th/6th Jeff Tabet/Jesse Middlebrooks $400
Results (amateur/semi pro event, purse $1250):
1st Jeff Tabet $500
2nd Duane Bourgeois $320
3rd David Shadden $220
4th Evan Beeson $120
5th/6th Wayne Thompson/Hadi Lee $45
Highest lady finisher split $25.00: Dana Aft, Kristen Malone
Highest Sr.finisher spli t$50.00: T.F.Whittington,Wanye Thompson
Highest jr.finisher $25.00: Jamie Cline
Local non-profit charity of Atlanta, GA. received $30.00
 Stop #7: Stevie Moore and Jess Tabet Latest Winners on Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Stevie Moore
The Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour dropped into Side Pocket Cue Club & Grill in Marietta, Georgia, over the weekend of December 6-7, 2008, with the onlookers keeping an eye on such noticeable names as T.F. Whittington, Paul Song, Jessie Middlebrook, and Stevie Moore.
Pushing his way to the finals was Stevie Moore after shifting to the one-loss side earlier in the event. Moore diligently made his way through his challengers until he found himself in the quarter final round with T.F. Whittington. Whittington would be just another step for Moore to move up the ladder as he bested Whittington 7-5 to run into Jessie Middlebrook, who had lost the easy in into the finals while matched up against Jason Stemen in the hot-seat. Middlebrook kept it tight, but ended up down 7-4 to Stemen and found himself face to face with a force to be reckoned with in Moore. Moore dropped Middlebrook 7-0 to have his shot at Stemen.
In the finals, Stemen held his own pushing Moore to earn his first place spot this past weekend, but that was exactly what he did. Moore finished off the weekend up 9-6 over Stemen in this $1500 added open event. Other honorable mentions, highest senior finisher and $50 went to B.R. Tatum; highest woman $50, Amy Chen; and $20 went to a local non-profit to cap it off.
On Sunday, the amateur/semi pro $500 added division saw Duane Bourgeois snag the hot-seat from Jess Tabet on the hill 5-4, only to be bested by him in the finals in a devastating 7-1 loss. Tabet may have had the better of the deal as he had to keep in stroke to make it past his opponent in the semis, Amy Chen 4-1, before having another shot at Bourgeois.
The tour wishes to thank Side Pockets (and staff) and Woody McClure for hosting an event this season. Next up:
The J. Pechauer Atlanta Open
Atlanta, GA
December 13 - 14, 2008
$1500 total guaranteed added: $1000 added open (Saturday only); $500 added amateur/semi-pro second chance tourny Sunday only.
File photo courtesy of Bruce Clayton
1st Steve Moore $600.00
2nd Jason Stemen $385.00
3rd Jessie Middlebrook $280.00
4th T.F.Whittington $180.00
5th Paul Song $50.00
6th Ellis Brown $50.00
Highest sr.finisher received $50.00 B.R.Tatum
Highest lady finisher received $50.00 Amy Chen
Local non profit charity of Marrietta,GA.received $20.00
Amateur/Semi Pro $500.00 Added!
Side Pocket Cue Club & Grill
1.Jess Tabet $400.00
2.Duane Bourgeois $250.00
3.Amy Chen $160.00
4.John M
- by By Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-12-12
Complete Payouts:
 Stop #6: Mark Coats and Jeff Mabry Stand Out at Pechauer Sunrise City Open
The Pechauer Sunrise City Open took place on November 8th-9th at Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida with J.Pechauer Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour manning the board. This was the sixth stop of the season and it offered a $1000 added open nine-ball event with forty-four players; and a $500 added Sunday only Amateur/Semi-Pro Second Chance Tournament that brought in two more than in the main event, forty-six total.
This week’s notable mentions go to Carie Kousa and Mimi McAndrews – these two ladies split the highest lady finisher and took home $12.50 each; while John Ditro and Mel Rowe did the same earning top senior finishes and $25 each. One of the Ft. Pierce local non-profit charities was provided a $50 donation.
Mark Coats brought nothing but his competitive spirit this weekend when pushing his way through the rest of the field. Coats went undefeated through the brackets ultimately taking down Curtis Kelley for the hot-seat 9-7. On the one-loss side, Josh Lewis, who would eventually make his way to the finals with Coats, took a bit longer of a route. Lewis bested Richard Broumpton 9-5 in the quarters, and snuck by Kelley in the semis 9-7. The final round gave Lewis a chance to start fresh as it was one race to eleven, but as hard as he tried, Coats was on mark this event and took home the title of Pechauer Sunrise City Open Champion in a very tight finish of 11-9.
On Sunday, the Amateur/Semi-Pro Second Chance Tournament jumped off to a great start and for Jeff Mabry, it would end up being his day. Mabry lost the hot-seat match on the winner’s side to Steve Nevins 5-1, but made his way back to the finals after a determined Steve Bristow showed at the table. Bristow was victorious over Greg Deaton 4-3 in the quarter-finals, but when he reached the semis, Mabry didn’t give him much to work with. Bristow ended the day in a respectable third place finish (4-1) and Mabry had another opportunity at Nevins. This time around, Nevins was blown away 7-3 by Mabry in the finals.
Congrats to all in attendance – great play! Thanks to Ultimate Billiards’ management and staff for all of their hard work! The tour heads to Marietta, Georgia, for The J. Pechauer Marietta Open at Side Pocket Cue Club & Grill on December 6th-7th. There will be a $1000 added open event and a Sunday only $500 added Amateur/Semi-Pro follow-up. For more details, contact Woody McClure at (770) 425-1101.
by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-11-11 AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (Main Event-purse $2665):
1st Mark Coats $865
2nd Josh Lewis $600
3rd Curtis Kelly $400
4th Richard Broumpton $300
5th/6th Randy Epperson/John Rouse $150
7th/8th John Foster/Neil Fugiwara $100
Results (Amateur/Semi-Pro Second Chance Tournament-purse $1745)
1st Jeff Mabry $510
2nd Steve Nevins $275
3rd Steve Bristow $225
4th Greg Deaton $175
5th/6th Tony Groza/Ricky Charles $150
7th/8th Damien Dominicis/Steve Rolls $70
9th-12th Chrissy Nevins/Juston Gilsinan/Mike Mallen/Martin Lenz $30
 Stop #5: Second in a row for Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy
November 1st and 2nd saw the fifth stop of the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour get underway. We would like to start off by thanking Tom Potter for running such a great event, we are deeply grateful for everything he has done for us. The $1000 added “Pechauer Gainesville Open” played at The Art of Billiards in Gainesville, Florida, ended up with a few new names in the running – Garrett Wiley took top junior finish and $25; John Foster and Ron Richardson shared honors as highest senior placing ($25 each); and the crown for the women finishers was shared by Dana Rogers and Allison Folds. Both Rogers and Folds received $25 each for their placings. $35 went to a local non-profit charity in the city in which the event was held.
The main event boasted a $2210 purse and thirty-four players came out to earn their right to be called the champion of the tournament. As fate would have it, the eventual winner would be none other than Tommy Kennedy. He (Kennedy) secured his spot in the finals arena with a win over Neil Fujiwara in the winner’s side hot-seat match 9-4.
On the one-loss side Butch Croft was making his way to match-up with Fujiwara in the semis with the latest of his wins over Walter Blacker 9-7 in the quarter-finals. Croft continued his superb play in the semis and ultimately took control and ended the set over Fujiwara 9-4 to move into the finals with Kennedy.
The finals ended up being quite a tight race. Croft, down in the set 9-6, ran three racks to tie up the score at 9-9. Due to an unexpected mistake in the next rack, Kennedy had the opportunity to take the lead and closed out the set 11-9 taking his second tournament in a row and causing Croft to settle for a very respectable second place finish this weekend.
Special thanks to Art and Dana (at The Art of Billiards) for hosting the event, along with the staff, players in attendance, and spectators that were on hand cheering on their favorites.
This weekend, November 8th and 9th, the tour will hold The J. Pechauer Sunrise City Open at Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida. For more information contact Gary at (772) 370-9184 or Bill at (772) 418-7075. This stop will feature a $1000 added open Saturday/Sunday and a $500 added amateur division Sunday only.
- by By Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-11-04
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $710.00
2nd Butch Croft $450.00
3rd Neil Fujiwara $350.00
4th Walter Blacker $250.00
5th Steve Foster $150.00
5th Te Tang $150.00
7th Alex Pemberton $75.00
7th Don Kreischer $75.00
Highest junior finisher received $25.00: Garrett Wiley
Highest seniors received $25.00 each: John Foster,Ron Richardson
Highest ladies received $25.00 each:Dana Rogers/ Allison Folds
Local non-profit charity of Gainesville, Fl received $35.00
Total purse $2210.00
Field of 34
 Stop #4: Tommy Kennedy Catches Gear For Top Finish at Savannah Open
Tommy Kennedy
The J. Pechauer Savannah Open, event four of the season for the J. Pechauer custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, came after a little bit of a break. Just over a month ago was the last stop and the tour came back strong at Southside Billiard Club in good ole Savannah, Georgia this weekend (September 27th-28th). The $1500 added open event which took place on Saturday and Sunday and $500 added amateur/semi-pro second chance tournament that was held Sunday only saw a variety of faces.
The open field drew a field of forty-six players all vying for the $3350 purse on hand. Some of the highlights from the main event included highest woman finisher which ended up being split between Joann Krisen and Jessica Tennick ($50); top junior finisher, Howard Roe took home $25; and J.R. Rossman ran away with high senior and $50. As always, the tour donated to one of Savannah’s local non-profits in the way of $55.
This weekend ended up being all about Tommy Kennedy though. After an earlier loss, Kennedy made his way through the one-loss side eventually running into North Carolina’s Ron Park in the quarter-finals. If it wasn’t at that point, it would soon be noticeably obvious that Kennedy was catching a gear. Park ended up settling for a strong fourth place finish with his 9-4 loss to Kennedy. In the semi-finals, Neil Fugiwara became Kennedy’s next victim. Fugiwara was ousted to the one-loss side when Butch Croft bested him for the hot-seat 9-6 earlier, but in an effort to get back to avenge his loss, found himself on the low end of the scoreboard against Kennedy and having to settle for third this weekend – score 9-3.
The finals pitted Croft and Kennedy together. The plus side for Kennedy was that he had ample time to get into stroke while taking down tough competitors on the one-loss side and in the end, it paid off. Croft gave Kennedy a great fight, but could not hold him off succumbing to him 11-9 in the end.
We can’t forget the second chance event. On Sunday the amateur/semi-professional second chance event went off without a hitch! The twenty-eight player $500 added tournament (total purse $1210) ended on a sweet note for Chad Stokes as he went undefeated through the brackets. Strokes secured the hot-seat with his victory over John Swope 5-3 and waited it out until Swope made his way back to him in the finals.
The quarter-finals saw Josh Stewart over Champ Farmer 4-2, but Stewart was unable to overcome Swope – the set ended 4-1. The finals were much tighter, but at 6-5, Stokes swooshed in the final nine for the winning game – final 7-5.
Special notes from the tour – it was great to see Billy Sikes as he was an added and exciting addition to the weekend; thanks to the folks at Southside Billiard Club (Joe and staff) for having the tour (this billiard room rolls out the welcome mat and true southern hospitality and it is a pleasure to stop in while in Savannah); to Kevin Caruso for his faithful support; to all in attendance – thank you and hope you had a great time; and to Tom Potter and Mike Matsie for all their hard work in assisting Tour Director Tommy Kennedy. Special thanks to the tour sponsors – check them out at www.southeastopen.com/sponsors.asp and help support those that bring the tours to your area.
Lastly, you wanna play on the tour? Well, your next chance will be The J. Pechauer Gainsville Open November 1st-2nd at The Art of Billiards in Gainsville, Florida. The event will host a $1000 total guaranteed added open (no amateur/semi-pro second chance event) and an exhibition by Tommy Kennedy on October 31st. Additional stops can be found using this link: www.azbilliards.com/2000showschedule.php?tournum=8 or you can visit the tour homepage at www.southeastopen.com/index.asp.
- by By Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-09-29
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $1,000.00
2nd Butch Croft $610.00
3rd Neil Fujiwara $400.00
4th Ron Park $300.00
5th Walter Blacker $200.00
5th Mike Newsome $200.00
7th John Swope $150.00
7th Josh Williams $150.00
9th David Crocker $85.00
9th David Tootle $85.00
9th Bobby Garza $85.00
9th Red Sale $85.00
 Stop #3: Benny Conway Repeats at Skeeter’s Billiards SE Open With Jay Bird Grabbing Am Event
Earlier in the year, prior to the ending of the 2007/2008 season on the J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, the name Benny Conway graced the page as one that topped the field at Skeeter’s Billiards in Gulfport, Mississippi. Apparently, this venue is quite the lucky charm as a few months later – this weekend to be exact (August 16th-17th) - returning to the same place, Conway bested the field of twenty-five players that make their way to the $1000 added open nine-ball event.
The one-day open main event saw Conway accept his first loss while battling it out with Cliff Joyner for the hot-seat. Although it was an “L” on the charts, Conway held on with Joyner to the very end suffering a hill-hill loss.
On the one-loss side, Tommy Kennedy and eventual amateur event winner Jay Bird found themselves pitted together in the same epic battle – this ending came in the form of Kennedy over Bird 7-6. Kennedy moved into the semi-final round where he met up with Conway only to fall 7-4 and end his weekend in a respectable third place.
Conway returned to the final arena with great gusto and a thirst to avenge his earlier loss handed down by Joyner and that is just as he did. Conway finished off Joyner with a final score of 9-7 to seal his victory of yet another Skeeter’s event.
Top honors this weekend that were given out in addition to title of Champion Benny Conway, included highest junior finish by Jonathan Armstrong ($25); highest senior ended in a split between Mike Trawick and Art Tripp ($50 split); and a local non-profit charity benefited by a donation of $35. A side note from Tour Director Tommy Kennedy – Kennedy wishes to acknowledge and offer kudos to opponent Jason Moran whom he met earlier in the day. Moran at one time was down 4-0 against Kennedy and held onto his competitive spirit to bring the match 6-6. Unfortunately, this was not Moran’s weekend, but Kennedy felt that he played a great match and offered up great heart in that battle.
In addition to the open event, on Sunday, the tour hosted a $500 added amateur/semi professional tournament. The field topped out at twenty-two players and saw Jay Bird hold off the competition to snag top prize and bragging rights. After besting Jim Sterling in the hot-seat match 5-4, it looked to be smooth sailing but in the end he had to work for that top finish. While he awaited his opponent, the one-loss side narrowed ending with David Walters defeating Jason Moran 4-2 in the quarters; and then Walters loosing by the same margin against Jim Sterling in the semis. As seen in the open, the hot-seat competitors met again in the final round. But unlike the open outcome, Bird held on in the tight spectator-friendly set to win 7-6 after pocketing a wobbly nine ball in the final rack.
Thanks to Art Tripp and Tom Tom for all of their assistance over the weekend; and to Ricky, Andy, Colleen, and staff at Skeeter’s for hosting such a fantastic weekend – the tour looks forward to returning later in the season.
In addition, thanks to all of the sponsors that help keep the tour running year round including title sponsor J. Pechauer Custom Cues; Chalk Up Inc.; Silver Cup Chalk; Cue Man Billiard Products (Chris and Israel Hightower); Iwan Simonis; The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards by David G. Alciatore, PhD ("Dr. Dave"); Hall of Famer, Trick Shot Master Mike Massey; Pool On The Net, Web Design for the Pool World; Bert Kinister Pool Cues, Videos, Cases & Instruction; Joe Tucker Billiard Products; Tiger Products; The Gripper by Bauer; Phil Capelle Billiards Press; Billiard Santuary; and Sir Joseph Billiard Gloves.
Next stop, The J. Pechauer Savannah Open, scheduled for September 27th-28th at Southside Billiard Club in Savannah, Georgia.
by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-08-20 AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
1st Benny Conway $700.00
2nd Cliff Joyner $500.00
3rd Tommy Kennedy $350.00
4th Jaybird $250.00
5th Joey Aguzin $100.00
5th Jason Moran $100.00
Aug.17th ,08 One Day
Skeeters Billiards Gulfport Miss.
Amateur/ Semi Pro. Event
$500.00 Added!
Finals One Race to 7
1st Jay Bird $540.00
2nd Jim Sterling $300.00
3rd David Walters $200.00
4th Jason Moran $100.00
 Stop #2: Mitch Yarbrough Fearless in Fayetteville
The second stop of the 2008/2009 season entitled the 1st Annual Fayetteville Georgia J. Pechauer Open took place this past weekend, August 2nd-3rd, at Metro Sports Bar and Billiards. The $1000 added open event started out with an exhibition by Tour Director Tommy Kennedy and progressed into a weekend of great fun and competition. This open nine-ball event was played on nine foot Diamond tables, great Diamond lighting, and with 860 Simonis cloth. The venue location was excellent and offered good food and a bar for those in attendance.
Day one of the event passed along special honors to the highest senior finisher, Horace Godwin, who received $50 for his efforts; highest junior Sean Davis took home $25; and a local non-profit charity received $40.
On Sunday, the field dwindled down to the final few faces including a match-up between Mike Newsome and T.F. Whittington in the quarter-finals. Newsome ran past Whittington by a final score of 9-3 to play Tommy Kennedy in the semis. Kennedy was put on the one-loss side by Mitch Yarbrough who had defeated him in the hot-seat match 9-5.
In the semi-finals, Kennedy wasted no time in jumping ahead in the set and ultimately bested Newsome 9-3 to allow him yet another chance at meeting up with Yarbrough. Although it was apparent that this event had Yarbrough’s name written all over it as he managed to end Kennedy’s tournament life handily at 11-2 in the final round.
The tour would like to thank everyone for their participation and hospitality; Mr. Tom Jones, Sr. for his help and hard work; Mike Matsie for assisting with the tournament director duties at this event; and also Mike Baynard and his family for hosting this great event. Kudos also go to Tommy Lee Jones for his very impressive play – for those of you searching for a coach, he is available for lessons as he is a certified BCA instructor and can be reached at (678) 927-4262. Last but not least, support the tour title sponsor, J. Pechauer Custom Cues - Metro Sports Bar and Billiards is now a dealer for the company so stop in and check out the many options that J. Pechauer offers.
The next tour event will be held August 16th-17th at Skeeter’s Billiards in Gulfport, Mississippi entitled The Pechauer Mississippi Open. This will be a $1500 total guaranteed added: $1000 added open; and $500 added amateur/semi-pro second chance tourny Sunday only. For more information on this stop, contact Skeeter’s directly and speak with Ricky, Andy or Colleen or visit the tour website at www.southeastopen.com
by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-08-06 AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
1st Mitch Yarborough $700.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $475.00
3rd Mike Newsome $375.00
4th TF Whittington $275.00
5th Tommy Jones $175.00
5th Dimant Patell $175.00
7th Paul Turner $75.00
7th Barry Wilmington $75.00
 Stop #1: Archer Takes J. Pechauer Athens 9-Ball Open
Johnny Archer
The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour recently finished off the season with a bang and the new season has already started with great vigor and a promising outlook for what is on the horizon for the 2008/2009 season. This past weekend June 21st-22nd, the tour kicked off the season with a $500 added open event and $500 added amateur second chance tournament at Lucky Dawgs Billiards in Athens, Georgia.
In attendance for the main event and taking home top honors were highest lady finishers Rebecca Logan and Beth Daniels - the ladies split the $50 prize; and highest senior Jim Jennings who also took home $50 for his win. For the main tournament win, Johnny Archer went undefeated through the field of nineteen players, ensuring his spot in the final round after a 7-0 hot seat victory over Henry Cofer 7-0.
On the one-loss side, Bruce Berrong worked his way through the field and ultimately ran into Billy Holmes in the quarter final round where he maneuvered past Holmes by a score of 7-2. Berrong then bested Cofer in the semi-finals 7-2 to have a chance at Archer. Although the finals were an extremely tight race, Berrong was unable to hold off Archer for the season opener victory – the score read 9-8 in the end.
In the Sunday only amateur second chance event, a total of thirty players finished out the week with David Shadden taking home first place, Jim Jennings second, and Henry Cofer duplicated his main event finish in third.
Special thanks to the management and staff at Lucky Dawgs Billiards. The tour will next stop into Metro Sports Bar in Jonesboro, Georgia August 2-3, 2008 to host the $1000 added First Annual Fayetteville Georgia J. Pechauer Open. This event will not host an amateur second chance event, but there will be an added bonus - professional player Tommy Kennedy will be onsite Friday, August 1st from 8-10 pm providing an exhibition. For more information on this event, contact the tour (www.southeastopen.com) or Tommy Lee Jones at (678) 927-4262.
Results (main event)($1115 purse):
1st Johnny Archer $515
2nd Bruce Berrong $300
3rd Henry Cofer $200
4th Billy Holmes $100
Results (amateur second chance event)($1320 purse):
1st David Shadden $520
2nd Jim Jennings $300
3rd Henry Cofer $200
4th Stanley Lingerfelt $150
5th/6th Rodney Holland/Bryant Walker $75
- by Sherry Pouncey - AzB Staff - 2008-06-26
Complete Payouts:
1st Johnny Archer $515.00
2nd Bruce Berrong $300.00
3rd Henry Cofer $200.00
4th Billy Holmes $100.00
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