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 Stop #21: Kennedy holds off loss-side challenge by Hall to take 3rd 2011 SE Open title
Tommy Kennedy
It was his first win of his own, new Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour season, but it was his third of the year. Tommy Kennedy had started the year with a January victory on the tour in Fort Myers, finished fifth later that same month, and won his second in March. In April, he'd fallen to Cliff Joyner in the finals of the last event of the overlapping-year season. He started the new season with a bang, going undefeated, in spite of a strong, one-loss side challenge by Justin Hall, who won eight in a row on the one-loss side for the right to meet him in the finals. The $1,500-added event drew 32 entrants to Veteran's Billiards in Port Charlotte, FL on Sunday, May 1.
With three behind him, Kennedy moved among the winners' side final four to face Danny Mosey, as Stephen Richmond squared off against Ed Cabrera. Kennedy got into the hot seat match with a 9-4 win over Mosey. Richmond joined him by defeating Cabrera 9-5. Kennedy dominated the hot seat match, allowing Richmond only a single rack.
Hall, in the meantime, who'd earned a bye in the event's opening round and been sent over by David Eyes in the second round, was working his way back. He reached his halfway point with a victory over Judd Strain, and followed it with a 7-3 victory over Obie Cirilo to pick up Cabrera, coming off the winners' side final four. Mosey drew Erica Park, who'd defeated Tim Witherspoon and Wayne Catledge 7-5 to reach him. A 7-2 win for Hall and a 7-4 victory for Park, put them into the quarterfinals, where Hall ended Park's bid 7-4.
Hall was picking up some speed, as Kennedy sat watching. He downed Richmond in the semifinals 7-3, and turned for a crack at the hot seat occupant. While praising Hall's trek to the finals, and his game play, Kennedy allowed him only four racks in an 11-4 victory that completed his undefeated day and third 2011 win on his tour.
Though Erica Park was the top female finisher in the event, Jessica Barnes earned $25 as the top female finisher, not in the money.
- by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $955.00
2nd Justin Hall $500.00
3rd Stephen Richmond $400.00
4th Erica Park $300.00
5th/6th Eddie Cabrera $100.00
Daniel Mosey $100.00
7th/8th OB Cirillo $50.00
Wayne Catledge $50.00
 Stop #20: Joyner stops Kennedy on SE Open 9-Ball Tour
Cliff Joyner spoiled a bid by Tommy Kennedy for a second straight (and third, overall) win on his own Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour with a victory on the weekend of April 2-3. The $1,000-added event drew 45 entrants to Starcade Billiards in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Joyner and Kennedy met first among the winners’ side final four. With a 9-7 win, Kennedy advanced and Joyner headed west. Dave Henessy, in the meantime, defeated Rodney Myrick 9-5 to join Kennedy in the battle for the hot seat. Kennedy won that battle handily 9-3 and sat in the hot seat, waiting for Joyner.
On the one-loss side, Joyner picked up Denny Fox, who’d defeated Mark Shimmelman 9-5 and Tracy Guernsey 9-6. Myrick drew Scotty Townsend, who’d gotten by Josh Hillard 9-4 and Craig Houghton 9-7. Townsend then downed Myrick 9-5 and advanced to the quarterfinals against Joyner, who’d defeated Fox 9-4. Townsend took an early lead in the quarterfinals, and was ahead by five at 7-2. He’d win only one of the next seven, though, as Joyner caught up and eventually prevailed in a final, double hill rack.
In the semifinals that followed, Henessy got within a rack of forcing a second double hill battle, but Joyner edged out in front to win it 9-7. Kennedy opened the single, race-to-11 finals with four straight racks, but Joyner fought back to tie things, and then kept trading racks to a 7-7 tie. Joyner closed things up with four straight of his own for an 11-7 victory.
“He did everything right,” said Kennedy, shortly after the match. “He played great safeties, kicked and banked. I got down by a couple of games there at the end and just never got back into it.”
Kennedy thanked sponsors Tiger Products, Mueller Recreational Products, Tony Martzakis (with Martz Cues), Simonis Cloth, Ed Cabrera and “The Gripper” by Bill Bauer, as well as Randy Maynor for his assistance with the event.
1st Cliff Joyner $930.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $650.00
3rd Dave Henessy $450.00
4th Scotty Townsend $250.00
5th Rodney Myrick $150.00
5th Denny Fox $150.00
7th Craig Houghton $85.00
7th Tracy Guernsey $85.00
 Stop #19: Kennedy wins his second SE Open 9-Ball Tour stop
Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy won his own Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour for the second time in 2011 on Sunday, March 28. He went undefeated through a field of 43 players, on-hand for the $1,000-added event, hosted by Park Ave. Billiards, in Orange Park, FL.
To win it, Kennedy had to withstand a challenge from deep on the one-loss side by Rod Rentz, who won seven straight to meet him in the finals. Kennedy almost had to meet him in the semifinals, when David Grossman brought him to double hill in the hot seat match. Kennedy had sent Larry Jackson west 9-1, as Grossman was sending Ron Park over 9-7. Kennedy survived the double hill battle, and watched, as Rentz worked his way back through the west bracket.
Rentz got a bye in the opening round, and won his first match, before being sent to the one-loss side by Park. With two down and five to go, he got by Bobby Garza 7-2 and Bobby Moore 9-4 to earn a rematch versus Park. Jackson picked up Butch Croft, who’d defeated Kelly Lake 7-5 and Mike Clay 9-5. Rentz won the Park rematch 9-7, as Croft dropped Jackson into the tie for fifth place 9-2. Rentz then defeated Croft 9-7 in the quarterfinals and took on Grossman in the semifinals. In what would prove to be his last victory of the day, he dropped Grossman into third place to face Kennedy.
Kennedy had high praise for Rentz’ effort, not only against him personally, but throughout the tournament. Rentz battled him strongly in the single, race-to-11 final, but Kennedy prevailed 11-9 to take the title. Asher Li picked up $25 as the highest-placing junior in the event, while Mandy Brisson and Rachel Manning split $25 for being the highest-placing ladies.
- by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $800.00
2nd Rod Rentz $435.00
3rd David Grossman $335.00
4th Butch Croft $250.00
5th Larry Jackson $150.00
5th Ron Park $150.00
7th Mike Clay $50.00
7th Bob Moore $50.00
Highest lady finishers Rachael Manning, Mandy Brisson received $12.50 each
Highest junior finisher Asher Le received $25
 Stop #18: Song and Najar win dual events on Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Paul Song and Tommy Najar went undefeated and won back-to-back events, held on Saturday and Sunday, March 19-20, on the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour. Song took the $500-added Saturday event, which drew 32 entrants to Mr. Cues Billiards, in Atlanta, GA. Najar won the $500-added event on Sunday, which drew 18.
Song defeated Mark Shimmelman twice to win Saturday’s event. They defeated both of their winners’ side final four opponents 7-2 (Song over Dave Maddux, Shimmelman over Tommy Najar) to face each other first in the battle for the hot seat. Song then sent Shimmelman to the semifinals and sat in the hot seat, waiting for his return.
Over on the one-loss side, Jeff Crawford, originally sent west in the opening round by Najar, was on a seven-game march to the semifinals. He drew Maddux, fresh off the winners’ side final four, and defeated him 7-2 to face Clay Medlock, who’d defeated Najar, double hill. Crawford chalked up a second straight 7-2 victory, this time over Medlock, completing his seven-game streak. Shimmelman ended that streak with a 7-3 victory in the seminfinals, and then fell a second time in the single race-to-11 finals against Song 11-3.
Najar reversed his $50 (5th place) fortunes of Saturday by going undefeated and winning Sunday’s 18-entrant event. As he’d done the day before, he got among the winners’ side final four, but this time, he advanced to the hot seat, defeating first, Bo Bellew 7-2. Jason Stemen, who’d just sent Jeff Crawford west 7-1, met Najar in the hot seat match. Najar moved into the hot seat with a 7-4 victory over Stemen and waited for him to come back.
Crawford, with a slightly shorter road ahead of him than he had faced the day before, met up first with Steve Spain, who’d defeated Mike Matsie 5-1 to reach him. Bellew picked up KC Joiner, who’d gotten by Timothy Orange 5-3. It was Crawford and Joiner advancing to the quarterfinals; Crawford with a 5-1 victory over Spain, Joiner with a double hill win over Bellew. Crawford supplemented his third place finish on Saturday with a fourth place finish on Sunday, falling 5-3 to Joiner, who moved on to face Stemen in the semifinals.
Stemen got a second crack at Najar with a 5-3 win in the semifinals over Joiner. As Sunday night turned into very early Monday morning, Najar and Stemen locked up in a race-to-9, double hill match. Najar sunk the last ball to take top honors in the Sunday event.
Saturday Payouts
1st Paul Song $510.00
2nd Mark Shimelman $300.00
3rd Jeff Crawford $200.00
4th Clay Medlock $100.00
5th Tommy Najar $50.00
5th Dave Maddux $50.00
Sunday Payouts
1st Tommy Najar $425.00
2nd Jason Steman $250.00
3rd Casey Joyner $150.00
4th Jeff Crawford $100.00
Highest lady finisher Lisa Diatri recieved $25
 Stop #16: Townsend comes back from semifinals to defeat Stone on SE Open stop
Scotty Townsend got edged out of the hot seat by Stoney Stone, but came back to take a single race-to-11 final at the Southeast Open Tour stop on the weekend of February 12-13. The $1,000-added event drew 30 entrants to Pockets in Dothan, AL.
Before meeting in the hot seat match, Townsend and Stone sent Mark Shimmelman and Shawn Putnam, respectively, to the one-loss side with identical 9-4 wins. They then battled to double hill, before Stone prevailed, sending Townsend to the semifinals.
Shimmelman moved over to face Darin Brewer, who’d defeated Jeff Calhoun and J.R. Rossman. Putnam drew Howie Gordon, who’d advanced past Mike Townsend (son to Scotty), and Denny Singletary. Shimmelman moved into the quarterfinals with a 9-5 victory over Brewer. Putnam joined him with a relatively commanding 9-2 win over Gordon. Shimmelman missed out on a second chance versus Townsend in the semifinals, when Putnam dropped him into fourth place 9-4.
Townsend, looking for a measure of revenge himself, defeated Putnam by the same 9-4 score and turned to face Stone again. The two battled back and forth, with Townsend eventually pulling ahead and winning by a three-point, 11-8 margin.
- by AzB Staff
1st Scotty Townsend $700.00
2nd Stoney Stone $500.00
3rd Shawn Putnam $400.00
4th Mark Shimelman $300.00
5th Darin Brewer $140.00
5th Howie Gordon $140.00
7th JR Rossman $50.00
7th Denny Singletary $50.00
 Important Notice: The Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour Joins East Coast Pool Tournaments Facebook Community
We would like to announce that the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour is now part of East Coast Pool Tournaments, a brand new Facebook community. The goal of East Coast Pool Tournaments (ECPT) is to unite all the pool players, spectators and tournament directors along the entire East Coast from Florida to Maine in hopes of increasing player and spectator turnouts at individual events.
ECPT will provide scheduled tournament dates, event updates and announcements from Pool Tours and Tournament Directors that are part of this community. By gathering the entire East Coast pool community in one place Tournament Directors will have a much easier time getting important and sometimes critical information out to their players and spectators in an instant.
ECPT is NOT meant to replace Tour websites by any means. ECPT will simply be an extension of Tour websites. Tournament information on ECPT will be limited. For more detailed information on a particular event such as format, rules, etc. you will need to visit the individual Tour websites. Links to every Tour website that is part of the community will be on our Facebook page.
We encourage you to sign up for East Coast Pool Tournaments by simply following the link below and clicking on ‘LIKE’. If you are not a member of Facebook then you may have to sign-up first and then follow the link below.
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 Stop #15: Vita Wins The Tiger West Palm Open
January 16th, 2011 Sun. "One Day Event"
The Tiger West Palm Beach Open Held @ Golden Q Billiards
4340 Forest Hill Blvd. West Palm Beach, Fl. 33406
$500.00 Guaranteed Added!
1st Nick Vita $505.00
2nd Anthony Meglino $400.00
3rd John Foster $300.00
4th Jerry Calderon $200.00
5th/6th John Ditoro $110.00
Tom Kennedy $110.00
 Stop #14: Kennedy goes undefeated on Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour
Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy didn’t exactly dismiss the talent of one David Eyes, but in the midst of a double hill struggle against him in the finals of his Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour stop on Saturday, January 8, he certainly re-evaluated. Kennedy prevailed to go undefeated in the $500-added event, which drew a short field of 10 entrants to the Miscue Lounge in Fort Myers, FL.
Six of the 10 players were awarded byes in the opening round of play, leaving Kennedy to face Steve Richardson, and Troy Frank facing Albert Baker. Kennedy and Frank advanced, moving on to meet Juan Encarnacion and Steve Gardner, respectively, in the event’s second round. Second victories for Kennedy and Frank moved them among the winners’ side final four, where Kennedy faced Eyes for the first time and Frank took on Jeremy Boling. Frank sent Boling west 9-7, as Kennedy chalked up a relatively easy 9-3 win over Eyes. Kennedy got into the hot seat with a 9-7 victory over Frank, fully expecting to see him again. It didn’t happen.
Eyes opened his three-match trek back to the finals against Richardson, who’d defeated Gardner to reach him. Boling drew Baker, who’d ended Encarnacion’s day. Eyes and Boling squared off in the quarterfinals, following Eyes’ 7-5 win over Richardson and Boling’s 7-3 defeat of Baker. Eyes, with Kennedy looking on, re-evaluating, battled his next two opponents – Boling in the quarterfinals and then, Frank in the semifinals. He forced a double hill, final game against them, won them both, and turned to face Kennedy.
For the third straight time, this time in a race-to-11 final, Eyes brought his opponent to the brink. As director of the tour, Kennedy had seen Eyes play before, most recently in their earlier match, and he stepped to the table with a lot of confidence; a confidence that underwent re-evaluation itself, as Eyes battled him to double hill. Kennedy sunk the final ball and chalked up the win, but came away from the table with a different perspective on his opponent.
He played really well,” said Kennedy after the match. “It was the best I’d ever seen him play.”
- by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $400.00
2nd David Eyes $250.00
3rd Troy Frank $175.00
4th Jeremy Boling $125.00
1st Tommy Kennedy $400.00
2nd David Eyes $250.00
3rd Troy Frank $175.00
4th Jeremy Boling $125.00
 Stop #13: Kennedy is the Last Sharpshooter Standing
Sharpshooters Billiards in Miami, Florida
December 5th, 2010
$500 Added! One Day Event!
1st Tommy Kennedy $450
2nd Place John Foster $300
3rd Place Jerry Calderon $200
4th Place Raul Alvarez $120!
Finals: Tom Kennedy Def. John Foster (SPLIT)
Semi-Finals: John Foster Def. Jerry Calderon 9-5
Hot-Seat: Tom Kennedy Def. Jerry Calderon 9-3
Quarter Loss: John Foster Def. Raul Alvarez 9-5
 Stop #12: Broumpton Holds Off Davis at Ultimate
Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Fl.
October 30th, 2010
$500 Added! One Day Event!
1st Richard Broumpton $500
2nd Place Mike Davis $350
3rd Place Tom Karalism "Crab" $250
4th Place Anthony Meglino $175
Finals: Richard Broumpton Def. Mike Davis 9-8
Semi-Finals: Mike Davis Def. Tom Karalis 7-2
Hot-Seat: Richard Broumpton Def. Tom Karalis 7-4
Quarter Loss: Mike Davis Def. Anthony Meglino 7-5
 Stop #11: Kennedy Over Saez at Tiger Sunrise City Open
The Tiger Sunrise City Open at Ultimate Billiards
Ultimate Billiards Ft.Pierce,FL.
$500.Added! One Day Event
1st.Tom Kennedy $500
2.Robb Saez $400
3.Han Berber $300
4.Jerry Caloeron $200
 Stop #10: Crosby wins SE Open Tour Stop
Tony Crosby
Tony Crosby went undefeated to win the SE Open 9-Ball Tour stop on September 19th at Veterans Billiards in Port Charlotte, Florida.
Crosby navigated the field of 29 players and took the hot-seat with a 7-4 win over Stephen Richmond.
Richmond's day went from bad to worse as he them dropped a 7-3 match to Louis Altes on the one loss side.
The extended single elimination final set was all Crosby as he cruised to an 11-4 win over Altes.
Crosby pocketed $460 for first place, while Altes settled for $350 in second place prize money.
- by AzB Staff
Complete Payouts:
1st Tony Crosby $460
2nd Louis Altes $350
3rd Stephen Richmond $250
4th Steve Knoll $150
5th Tommy Kennedy $70
5th Odell Hoster $70
 Stop #9: Maikke and Clay win two-day, Pro/Am stops on Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Tour
In an effort to draw more players to a Sunday tournament, the scheduled stop on the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball tour on the weekend of August 28-29 was split into two separate events. John Maikke went undefeated in the $500-added event on Saturday, which drew 41 entrants, while Mike Clay chalked up the win on Sunday’s 18-entrant, $500-added event; both hosted by Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA.
In the more heavily attended event on Saturday, Maikke got into the hot seat match with a 7-1 victory over Jeff Taylor, as Randy Jordan moved to join him with a 7-2 win over Jeff Crawford. The hot seat battle between Maikke and Jordan went to double hill before Maikke prevailed, sending Jordan to the semifinals.
On the one-loss side, Hadi Lee, after victories over Henry Lopez and Jeff Hook, was waiting for Taylor. Crawford met up with Jesse Middlebrook, who’d defeated Tommy Nagar and J.R. Rossman to reach him. Both battles for advancement to the quarterfinals went double hill, with Taylor and Crawford ending Lee and Middlebrook’s day.
Crawford defeated Taylor 7-5 in those quarterfinals and then went on to defeat Jordan in the semifinals 7-4. In the single-race-to-9 finals that followed, Maikke completed his undefeated day with a 9-4 win.
In Sunday’s event, won by Clay, James Alvarez ended up in fourth place, following a 7-2 win by Jason Stemen, who advanced to take on Clay in the semifinals. Clay moved on to the finals with double hill, 7-6 win over Stemen, and then survived a second straight double hill match, defeating Jeff Crawford 9-8 to take the top prize.
Complete Payouts:
Saturday Results
1st John Maikke $560
2nd Jeff Crawford $400
3rd Randy Jordan $300
4th Jeff Taylor $200
5th Hadi Lee $10
0Jesse Middlebrook
7th Jeff Hook $50
J.R. Rossman
Sunday Results
1st Mike Clay $405
2nd Jeff Crawford $300
3rd Jason Stemen $200
4th James Alvarez $100
 Stop #8: Saez Hits the Bullseye at Cunningham's
Robb Saez
Robb Saez took first place at the August 1 installment of the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, defeating Anthony Meglino for the title. The $500-added event was hosted by Cunningham’s Pool and Darts in Vero Beach, FL, and attracted a 30-player field.
Saez took first place at the August 1 installment of the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, defeating Anthony Meglino for the title.
Racing through the winners’ side of the chart, Meglino arrived at the final four to play Chris Gentile, whom he bested 7-4. The other winners’ side match saw Han Berber send Wyler Ball to the west side 7-3. In the ensuing hot seat match, Meglino easily dominated Berber 7-2 to await a finals opponent.
Ball went on to face Saez in the quarterfinal match, and Saez sent him rolling 7-4 to advance to the semifinals, where he eliminated Berber 7-3. In the final race to 9 against Meglino, it was touch and go, but at the end of it all, Saez stood in the winner’s circle, having won the match 9-8.
- by InsidePoolMag.com
Complete Payouts:
1st Robb Saez $450
2nd Anthony Meglino $340
3rd Han Berber $240
4th Wyley Ball $140
5th Jim Sandaler $75
Chris Gentile
Winners side final four:
Han Berber 7 / Wyler Ball 3
Anthony Meglino 7 / Chris Gentile 4
Hot seat: Anthony Meglino 7 / Han Berber 2
Quarter final: Rob Saez 7 / Wyley Ball 4
Semi Final:Rob Saez 7 / Han Berber 3
Final:One race to 9
Rob Saez 9 / Anthony Meglino 8
 Stop #7: Megino Bests Kennedy at the Tiger Sunrise City Open
The Tiger Sunrise City Open at Ultimate Billiards
1st Anthony Meglino $640
2nd Tom Kennedy $450
3rd Jim Sandaler $350
4th Mike Davis $250
5th/6th. Han Berber , Hunter Lombardo $125
7th/8th.George Saunders, Robb Saez $50
 Breaking News! The Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour is Now Officially The "Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour"
Tommy and Denise Kennedy are very excited to welcome Tiger Products of Burbank, California as their newly found title sponsor. Tiger products are proudly made in the good old U.S.A. with much care and pride. Tony Kalamdaryan president of Tiger Products and Tommy "TK" Kennedy have been working together on the tour details for some time and have come to a mutual agreement on how Tiger Products can help The Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour become a driving force on the regional circuit once again. TK and Tiger are planning between 10 and 15 events for the season. All Tiger Tour events will consist of Open Events and Amateur/Semi-Pro events, venue permitting. The different venues will dictate what format the Tiger Tour will use. The added money will be anywhere from* *$500.00 added to* *$1000.00 per event. We will end the season with larger added money than our regular tour stops. Tiger is the manufacturer of such products as Sniper, Everest laminated cue tips, The Tiger Paw Cue Holder, The Corona Leather Bridge Head, and many other great products. They also carry the Stack Leather Wrap and several varieties of performance Tiger cues all with the patented Tiger "X-Ultra" Shaft. Tiger is also a proud sponsor of many top notch players such as Shawn Putnam, Oscar Dominguez and Melissa Herndon. Tiger carries a line of Shawn Putnam signature cues that are readily available for sale. Just look on the Tiger website for more details at www.tigerproducts.com Tommy Kennedy really appreciates Tony for all of his past support and truly believes Tiger is a company of not only great products, but of great integrity. Tommy is very grateful to be given this opportunity in the midst of such a bad economy and uncertainty. Tommy and Denise applaud Tiger for their willingness to take on such a commitment in these very hard financial times. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour.
 Stop #6: Moran and Kennedy Crush Southeast Open Fields
Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy juggled both tournament director and player duties at the March 6-7 installment of the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, getting past last stop’s winner John “Mr. 403” Schmidt to top the open division, while Jason Moran topped Sunday’s amateur division. The $1,000-added open event drew 29 players to Skeeters Billiards in Gulfport, MS, while the $500-added amateur event drew 25.
Kennedy edged out Cliff Joyner 9-8 to meet Schmidt for the first time in the hot seat match. Schmidt, who was coming off a 9-4 win over Johnny Armstrong, notched up another one against Kennedy, who went west to fight for a rematch. On the left side of the bracket, Jay Bird took care of Jason Moran and Neil Alexander before coming up on Joyner, whom he held to seven games to reach the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Greg Hagin notched wins over Josh Charbonnet and Luc Detierne to face Armstrong. Allowing Armstrong just three games, Hagin advanced to the quarterfinals, but the four games he marked up there against Bird put him in fourth.
In the semifinals, Kennedy was ready for his rematch with Schmidt, and he dropped Bird into third 9-6 to earn his chance at revenge. In the single race-to 11 final match, the two veterans stayed close, trading games until Kennedy reached the hill 10-9. Schmidt was on his way to tying it up, but an unlikely miss on the 6 ball brought Kennedy back to the table, and he took care of what was left to earn his victory 11-9. Other open event winners were Neil Alexander, who earned $50 as the highest-finishing senior; Jessica Penick, who pocketed $25 as highest-placing lady; and Johnny Armstrong, who took home an extra $25 as the top junior.
On Sunday, Moran’s 5-2 win over Jim Sterling put him into the hot seat match against Tracy Guernsey, who’d shut out Luc Detierne. Against Moran, though, he managed just one game, and he moved over to the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, Steve Kuhnau, who’d suffered an earlier loss to Sterling, was making his way through the field, getting past Steve Neil Alexander and Mike Trawick for another crack at Sterling. Meanwhile, Ken Black pushed his way past Brandon Goudreau and James Faison to reach Detierne, whom he put in fifth 4-1 to reach the quarterfinals. There he faced Kuhnau, who’d exacted his revenge on Sterling 4-3. Another 4-3 victory put Kuhnau up against Guernsey in the semifinals, and a 5-3 win put him into the single race-to-7 final match, but that was where his run ended. Moran took control early and kept it, finishing up his undefeated event 7-2.
- by Lea Andrews
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $700
2nd John Schmidt $475
3rd Jay Bird $350
4th Greg Hagin $250
5th Johnny Armstrong $150
Cliff Joyner
Highest Senior Finisher received $50 Neil Alexander
Highest Lady received $25 Jessica Pennick
Highest junior received $25 John Armstrong
Local non profit charity recieved $50
Am/Semi-Pro event Sept.27th.$500.added
1st David Crocker $460
2nd Billy Homes $300
3rd John Hill $200
4th Larry Lee $150
5th/6th Trey Williamson,David Tootle $100 each
 Stop #5: Two in a Row for Schmidt
John Schmidt
John “Mr. 403” Schmidt spent a little time over the weekend of February 20-21 to show that the South still belongs to him. As proof, he took down Shawn “Big Bubba” Putnam twice at the $1,000-added Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour, which drew 42 players to Pockets Billiards in Dothan, AL.
Schmidt breezed past Billy “Cecil” Paye 9-3 to meet up with Putnam for the first time in the hot seat match. Putnam, who’d just sent Stoney Stone west 9-6, found himself on the wrong end of another 9-6 match, and he moved over to the semifinals to vie for his rematch.
On the left side of the bracket, Scotty Townsend was plowing a steady path through the field after taking an early loss to Putnam. Ousting WPBA pro Tracie Hines 9-2, he moved on to Denny Singletary, who’d advanced 9-5 over Eugene Browning. Meanwhile, JR Rossman won 9-5 over Clay Medlock to meet up with Tracy Guernsey, who’d had his own 9-5 victory over Mark Shimmelman. In the hill-hill match that ensued, Rossman marked up the final game to face Stone and another hill-hill match. This time, though, it was his opponent who took the final rack, and Rossman landed in fifth while Stone advanced to the quarterfinals against Townsend, who’d edged out Paye 9-8. Both Stone and Townsend were looking for the rematch against Putnam in the semifinals, but Townsend earned it with a strong 9-6 victory. The rematch was the same story as the original, though, and Townsend finished in third 9-7, sending Putnam on to his own rematch with Schmidt.
The single race-to-11 final match erased Putnam’s earlier loss, and though he and Schmidt stayed tight through the first part of the set, Schmidt started to pull away after they tied up at five apiece. Hardly allowing Putnam any chances at the table, Schmidt dominated the rest of the match to earn his second consecutive Southeast Open win 11-5.
Other winners over the weekend were Vicky Rybik, who earned $50 as highest-finishing amateur lady; Joe Davis, who took home $50 as highest-finishing senior; and Scotty Townsend’s son, Mike, who pocketed $25 as highest-finishing junior.
1st John Schmidt $760
2nd Shawn Putnam $500
3rd Scotty Townsend $400
4th Stoney Stone $300
5th JR Rossman $150
Billy Paye
7th Tracy Guernsey $75
Denny Singletary
9th Clay Medlock $50
Mark Shimmelman
Eugene Browning
Tracie Hine
- by Lea Andrews
Additional Information
Local non profit charity of Dothan received $50.00
Highest lady finisher received $50. Vicky Rybik
Highest junior $25.00 Mike Townsend
Highest senior $50. Joe Davi
Finals: John Schmidt 11 / Shawn Putnam 5
semi: Shawn Putman 9 / Scotty Townsend 7
hot seat John Schmidt 9 / Shawn Putnam 6
quarter loss: Scotty Townsend 9 / Stoney Stone
Complete Payouts:
 Stop #4: Dechaine comes from one-loss side to best Kennedy in SE Open Final
Mike Dechaine
Mike Dechaine came from the one-loss side to defeat tour director Tommy Kennedy in the finals of the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tournament on the weekend of November 7-8. The $1,000-added event drew 15 entrants to Ultimate Billiards in Fort Pierce, FL. A $500-added amateur event drew 17 on Sunday and was won by Anthony Meglino in a 9-0 victory over Prescott Buckwold in the finals. Johnny Aguilar finished third in the amateur event. Matt Holland finished fourth.
Dechaine advanced among the winner’s side final eight before heading west on the heels of a victory by Jerry Calderon. Calderon went on to defeat Hunter Lombardo in a hill-hill matchup, before giving way to Kennedy, who’d sent Mike Hutcheson west 7-5, and then gained the hot seat with 7-4 win over Calderon.
Dechaine began his six-victory march to the winners’ circle with a win over Mike Bradford and followed it with a win over Randy Epperson, that put him up against Hutcheson. Curtis Kelly, in the meantime, was moving past Sam Staats and Meglino (who played in both events) for the right to square off against Lombardo. Lombardo defeated Kelly 7-4, as Dechaine got by Hutcheson 7-5, and the two met in the quarterfinals. With the races now advanced to nine games, Dechaine dropped Lombardo into fourth place 9-7, earning him a second chance at the man who’d sent him to the one-loss side, Calderon. Dechaine battled to a 9-6 win and turned to face Kennedy.
An early 3-0 lead for Dechaine was erased by Kennedy, and the two battled back and forth to an 8-8 tie in the final race to 11. Dechaine won the 17th game and Kennedy broke for the chance to tie it back up. The 1-ball dropped on the break and Kennedy lined up a shot that saw the 2-ball travel three rails and drop in. Unfortunately, the cue ball continued to travel and dropped into a side pocket, giving Dechaine ball-in-hand and the opportunity to run out, which he did, putting him on the hill. A 1-9 combination after the subsequent break sealed the deal for Dechaine.“He played really well,” said Kennedy. “He made some great cuts and a lot of tricky shots to win it.”
- by Skip Maloney - AzB Staff - 2009-11-08
Complete Payouts:
1st Mike Dechaine $700.00
2nd Tommy Kennedy $400.00
3rd Jerry Calderon $300.00
4th Hunter Lombardo $200.00
 Stop #3: Jones works from the west to take Southeast Open
Jason Jones fought back from the one-loss side of the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour on the weekend of October 3-4 to defeat Jeff Jordan in the finals and capture the first place prize. The $1,000-added event drew 23 entrants to Players in Columbus, GA.
As Jones was busy working his way through the west bracket, Jordan and Jim Rushing were meeting in the hot seat match. From among the winners’ side final four, Jordan had dispatched Leon Whately to the one-loss side 9-1 as Rushing moved past Preston Corely 9-7. Jordan gained the hot seat with a 9-6 win and waited for Jones.
Jones, in the meantime, moved past Jimmy Lewis and Erbe Luna to meet up with Corely, while Randy Lee advanced against Whately, after wins over Marcus Goins and Clay Medlock. Jones dropped Corely into the tie for fifth place, as Whately was doing the same to Lee 7-2. Jones handled Whately easily enough in the quarterfinals, defeating him 7-1 and moving against Rushing in the semifinals.
Jones gave up only two racks in those semifinals and turned his attention to the man in the hot seat, Jordan. Jones won the single race to 11 and took home the first place prize.
by Skip Maloney - AZBilliards.com
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Jason Jones $640
2nd Jeff Jordan $375
3rd Jim Rushing $275
4th Leon Whately $200
5th Randy Lee $50
5th Preston Corely $50
Highest lady finisher $25. Vicky Rybik
Highest senior finisher $25 Joe Davis
Finals Jason Jones (11) / Jeff Jordan (7)
Semi: Jason Jones (7) / Jim Rushing (2)
Hot seat Jeff Jordan (9) / Jim Rushing (6)
Quarter loss: Jason Jones (7) / Leon Whatley (1)
 Stop #2: Kennedy ousts Putnam in Southeast Open stop
Tommy Kennedy
Tommy Kennedy got by Shawn Putnam twice, on his way to a victory on his own Southeast Open 9-Ball tour on the weekend of September 26-27. The $1,500-added Open portion of the event drew 35 entrants to the Southside Billiard Club in Savannah, GA. A $500-added amateur event, won by David Crocker, ran concurrently and drew 29 entrants.
Kennedy and Putnam first locked cues among the winners’ side final four. Kennedy sent Putnam over to the battle for fifth place 9-5 to face Mike Staubes in the hot seat match. Staubes had sent J.R. Rossman west 9-7. Kennedy gained the hot seat with a 9-3 win over Staubes and waited for what turned out to be Putnam’s return.
Putnam’s move to the one-loss side set him up against Ron Park, who’d gotten by Sam Staats and Ben Sadowski from among the event’s final 12. Rossman faced Jim Rushing, who’d defeated Kevin Caruso and Chad Stokes. Putnam and Rossman advanced to the quarterfinals with identical 9-5 wins over Park and Rushing. Putnam dropped Rossman into fourth place 9-2 and did the same thing to Staubes in the semifinal match that followed.
Retribution was in the air, not only in terms of Putnam’s second shot at Kennedy in this tournament, but in light of the fact, as well, that in their last few meetings, including the US Open last year, Putnam had been the victor. The two battled back and forth through the opening games, with Putnam (according to Kennedy) making some ‘ridiculous’ kick shots and successfully utilizing his jump cue. Tied at 6-6, Kennedy edged out in front by two racks, and then added two more, to Putnam’s one, to reach the hill at 10-7. Kennedy watched as a ball in the eighteenth rack drifted a little further than he’d expected, and he was hooked. With ball in hand, Putnam finished the rack and then on the subsequent break, dropped the 9-ball. At 10-9, the two struggled back and forth over the first two balls before Kennedy hooked Putnam on a shot at the 3-ball. Putnam missed and with ball in hand, Kennedy ran the table to finish it.
Crocker picked up the $460 first place prize in the amateur event with a hill-hill, 7-6 finals victory over Billy Holmes. Holmes took home $300 for second place. John Hill finished in third place ($200) and Larry Lee finished fourth ($150).
- by Skip Maloney - AzB Staff - 2009-9-29
Complete Payouts:
1st Tommy Kennedy $855.00
2nd Shawn Putnam $550.00
3rd Mike Staubes $450.00
4th JR Rossman $350.00
5th Ron Park $200.00
5th Jim Rushing $200.00
7th Chad Stokes $100.00
7th Ben Sadowski $100.00
Highest senior finisher received $50 Sam Statts
Highest lady received $50 Katie "The Raven" Cowan
Highest junior received $25 Howard Roe
Am/Semi-Pro event Sept.27th.$500.added
1st David Crocker $460
2nd Billy Homes $300
3rd John Hill $200
4th Larry Lee $150
5th/6th Trey Williamson,David Tootle $100 each
 Stop #1: Jason Moran Takes Season Opener
Complete Payouts:
Results (main event):
1st Jason Moran $700
2nd Shane Winters $400
3rd Justin Ledford $300
4th Ryan Malley $200
5th Dave Hall $70.
6th Tom Kennedy $70
Highest senior finisher Larry Chabonnet $50
Highest junior finisher Mike Townsend $25
Finals: Jason Moran (9) / Shane Winters (3)
Semi: Shane Winters (7) / Justin Ledford (3)
Hot seat: Jason Moran (7) / Justin Ledford (1)
Quarter loss: Shane Winters (7) / Ryan Malley
Player of the year T.F.Whittington
Sportsmanship award Bill Dunsmoore
Most improved player of the year Walter Blacker
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