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The Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour

Tommy and Denise Kennedy are very excited to welcome Tiger Products of Burbank, California as their newly found title sponsor. Tiger products are proudly made in the good old U.S.A. with much care and pride. Tony Kalamdaryan president of Tiger Products and Tommy "TK" Kennedy have been working together on the tour details for some time and have come to a mutual agreement on how Tiger Products can help The Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour become a driving force on the regional circuit once again. TK and Tiger are planning between 10 and 15 events for the season. All Tiger Tour events will consist of Open Events and Amateur/Semi-Pro events, venue permitting. The different venues will dictate what format the Tiger Tour will use. The added money will be anywhere from $500.00 added to $1000.00 per event. We will end the season with larger added money than our regular tour stops. Tiger is the manufacturer of such products as Sniper, Everest laminated cue tips, The Tiger Paw Cue Holder, The Corona Leather Bridge Head, and many other great products. They also carry the Stack Leather Wrap and several varieties of performance Tiger cues all with the patented Tiger "X-Ultra" Shaft. Tiger is also a proud sponsor of many top notch players such as Shawn Putnam, Oscar Dominguez and Melissa Herndon. Tiger carries a line of Shawn Putnam signature cues that are readily available for sale. Just look on the Tiger website for more details at www.tigerproducts.com Tommy Kennedy really appreciates Tony for all of his past support and truly believes Tiger is a company of not only great products, but of great integrity. Tommy is very grateful to be given this opportunity in the midst of such a bad economy and uncertainty. Tommy and Denise applaud Tiger for their willingness to take on such a commitment in these very hard financial times.
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